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Virtual Film Panel

Virtual Film Panel



Pandemic, Panic and Pop Culture
Nigel Kneale and the Cinema of Contagion

Middlesex University Dubai is delighted to announce a panel discussion focusing on Nigel Kneale's work.  

With eerie echoes of the riots that close Quatermass and the Pit in the January 6th 2021 D.C. Capitol Riot and Portland’s ongoing Antifa protests, with Quatermass’s Kickalong finding his real-life counterpart in the QAnon Shaman, with the idea of infected beings roaming city streets sparking urban panics akin to The Quatermass Experiment, and with countless other examples littering current global newsfeeds, the Cold War-era apocalyptic visions of Nigel Kneale seem more prescient, more timely than ever.

This panel discussion seeks to explore the enduring, shaping themes, images and power of this visionary writer, asking how and why Kneale’s stories made an impact in their time – and remain important to this day.

The Panel will be moderated by Dr David Tully, Head of the Media Department at Middlesex University Dubai. The session will be interactive and there will be ample opportunity for any questions you have for the panelists.

Our Panelists

Andy Murray – Andy Murray is a Writer / Journalist based in Manchester, and the author of the Nigel Kneale biography Into the Unknown, published by Headpress

Jon Dear – Jon Dear hosts BERGCAST, a podcast on Nigel Kneale which can be found at He is also a freelance writer on television and film. You can find more of his writing at

Kim Newman – Novelist and Critic, as well as a Contributing Editor to Sight & Sound and Empire Magazine, he has been referred to as “the critic other film critics go to, to check their facts,” and counts among his prolific output the BFI Classics study of Quatermass And The Pit

Maura McHugh – Maura McHugh lives in the West of Ireland and writes prose, comic books, non-fiction and other media, specialising in horror and science fiction.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @splinister and at her web site

Stephen Bissette – Stephen Bissette is a writer, film critic, comic artist, publisher and teacher, whose diverse output includes his artistic collaboration with Alan Moore and Rick Veitch on Swamp Thing, editor and publisher of the groundbreaking anthology Taboo, and the Midnight Movies study of David Cronenberg’s The Brood.

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