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Printing & Photocopying

Printing and Photocopying

There is a dedicated printer inside each computer labs in the Block 16 First Floor. The Computer Lab 114 in Block 19 First Floor has three (3) printers. The Library has a multi-function device for scanning and photocopying as well.

A student should login to his/her own account to the network using his Student number (MISIS number) and print. To ensure that nobody is using your login, please reset your initial passwords immediately.  The I.T. Office is not liable to any unwanted prints from your login.

Students are allowed to print up to 1,000 pages per Academic Year. This is applicable only on Monochrome Printers. One (1) Black or Colored print from any Colored Printer/Copier is equivalent to twelve (12) Black prints on Monochrome Printers. Academic Year starts every first day of class in September. Students enrolled on Winter-start programmes have the same limit as their academic year starts on the first day of class in January.

If a student exceeded their limit, extra pages are available at reasonable rates. A copy of the Printing Policy is displayed on each printing area. Select the number of pages required, pay at the Finance Office and present receipt to an I.T. Staff to increase your page limit. A student can always verify printing balance through the I.T. Office.

Multi-Function Device (Copy, Print, Scan)

An All-in-one device is located in Block 16 Main Library. It can print, copy, scan and send documents. At first time use, you will need to register your ID card to the machine which is a simple one-off procedure.  A 'How to…' notice is displayed beside the machine. Once this is done, you will be able to release the prints or cancel them. Log onto the device by simply placing your card on the reader within the printer.

Scanning and sending a scanned file is free provide the student taps or login to the device with his own credentials.

Photocopying are charged at 0.25 AED (25 fils) per copy (black & white only). The cost of colored printing and photocopying is twelve times as much as an ordinary print. This is deductible on a student print limit.

We encourage everyone to please print responsibly. Print and copy is free for academic purposes within reasonable limits. Color printing should only be used when it is essential. Duplex (double-sided) printing is available to minimise environmental impact, reduce costs and keep the printing services free for the students.


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