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Strategy Overview

Strategy Overview

Inspiring success

Strategic Aim 1

Provide an inspiring choice of courses and learning pathways that empower students with the ambition, skills and knowledge to succeed in graduate employment.


  • We will offer a wide range of inspiring courses that are designed to meet future skills needs and put every student on a path to realising their full potential.
  • We will enable students to study on the right course and in the right way for them, with the support and flexibility to achieve their goals.
  • We will build our partnerships with industry, the professions and other learning providers to create career opportunities for our students and develop new programmes and pathways such as apprenticeships and mobile learning.
  • We will establish new and strengthen existing recruitment pathways for potential students to join us and benefit from a Middlesex education.

Practice-based learning 

Strategic Aim 2

Engage our students in active, practice-based learning, with teaching enriched by research and innovative practice that creates highly employable graduates.


  • Our curricular and co-curricular experiences will be co-created with students, employers and professional bodies.
  • Using the diversity of our students as a resource will be a distinctive feature of their learning and personal development.
  • Active, practice-based learning will be our standard, equipping our students with the skills and attributes to stand out in the modern workplace.
  • We will provide personalised academic, professional and peer support, acting early to help students who get off track.
  • We will work to reduce differences in outcomes related to students’ backgrounds or prior attainment
  • We will ensure that evidence, innovation and research continually enhance teaching and learning.

A vibrant student experience

Strategic Aim 3

Create a vibrant student experience that promotes wellbeing and builds a sense of belonging and commitment.


  • We will work with our students as partners to improve continuously their experience, engagement and commitment.
  • We will ensure our campuses are welcoming spaces that promote wellbeing and a sense of community.
  • Our learning, support and social spaces will be environmentally sustainable and have the flexibility to adapt to learning innovations and changing needs.

A values-driven culture 

Strategic Aim 4

Foster a values-driven high-performance culture that enables us to realise our vision.


  • We will embed our values in everything we do.
  • We will shape and support our workforce to have the capabilities we need and the commitment to achieve our aims by living our values
  • We will create a high-performance culture throughout the University that builds staff engagement, where poor performance is tackled and innovation and improvement are recognised and rewarded. 
  • We will develop streamlined, evidence-based and effective governance and management processes that empower everyone, add value and facilitate collaboration.

Research that benefits our students 

Strategic Aim 5

Undertake high quality research, practice and knowledge exchange that benefit our students.


  • We will ensure that our research, practice and knowledge exchange are high quality, sustainable, user-driven and benefit our students.
  • We will at least sustain our level of quality-related research funding in the next Research Excellence Framework.
  • Our knowledge exchange activity will enable organisations in all sectors to innovate and, through this work, connect our students with learning and career opportunities.

Building support for our mission 

Strategic Aim 6

Further our mission through corporate, policy and community engagement, building support for the University and setting agendas in tertiary education and skills.


  • We will play an influential role externally in the sectors and localities where we work, building support for our mission and securing decisions and resources that support our aims.
  • We will engage with local, national and global policy communities and contribute agenda-setting thinking on tertiary education and skills.
  • We will leverage our institutional expertise and capability to actively shape debate and policy on social mobility, skills and productivity growth.

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