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Reading Dogs Event

Reading Dogs - LPB

Middlesex University Dubai recently had the honour of being the first Higher Education institution in the UAE to host three canines from the company Reading Dogs. The event, which was organised by the University’s Centre for Academic Success, provided the opportunity to students and staff to read to and interact with three beautiful dogs: Hershey, Tess and Bhalu, who were accompanied by their handlers. Studies have shown that reading to dogs can have a calming effect and often results in lowering the levels of stress, so, in order to provide the maximum benefit to students and staff, the event was organised just before the start of the examination and final assessment period.

Many of the participants had bought their own writing or an excerpt from their favourite author/poet to read to the dogs. Not only did Hershey, Tess and Bhalu provide a non-judgemental and keen ear to them, but they also thrilled the participants by performing some delightful tricks. The sessions were highly appreciated by the attendees, with many students remarking that this was just what they needed to put them in the right frame of mind to deal with exam stress!


Name: Hershey

Breed: Basset Hound

Special Skills: Hershey has the best listening ears we've ever seen! Very calm and friendly, this beautiful girl brings a smile to everyone's face.

Experience: GEMs Modern, The jamjar


Name: Tess

Breed: Labrador

Special Skills: Tess is super friendly, calm and very relaxed around children.

Experience: Safa Community School, GEMs Modern

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