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Fostering inclusivity in the classroom

Fostering inclusivity in the classroom

20 November 2018

Siobhan McNiff (Learning Disability Counselor)

AGENDA: This afternoon’s Quality Café is being run in collaboration with our ‘award-winning’ Centre for Academic Success.

Fostering inclusivity in the class room and beyond: In response to the Teaching and Learning Committee’s initiative to promote effective learning, Siobhan will lead a discussion this week about best practices to foster inclusivity within the classroom. It has become apparent that a significant number of students in our classes have learning disabilities, either disclosed or not. A student might prefer not to reveal a difficulty with study, for example, because they wish to try to manage independently or because they think that in some way it will ‘count against them’. Whatever the case, in the Quality Café we will explore inclusive teaching strategies that could help these students. Siobhan will share some multisensory teaching and learning strategies that she uses in the classroom to make sure that all students are being ‘included.’

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