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Mr. Martin Bonsall (MBA - HR)

Martin Bonsal

Mr. Martin Bonsall

Head Organisation 
Design and Recruitment,
HR Department,
Petro China

'The Middlesex Dubai MBA gave me a completely different perspective on business practices in areas in which I do not work, I was now able to discuss in depth marketing strategies with our Group Marketing Director, assess the financial viability of investments with our Strategy Director, make recommendations to the HR Director based on sound theories and principals as well as confidently present projects to the CEO and Board and discuss them as an equal. The Middlesex MBA raised my profile massively within the organisation and has been a major factor in my appointment in my new position. I have become more confident in my abilities and am able to take a more holistic view of decisions and their broader business impact, not just on my team but across the whole business and all of its stakeholders. On reflection, whilst the MBA was incredibly hard work and required a massive amount of dedication, it is probably my most satisfying personal achievement to date.
I grew as a person and now see the world very differently.'

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