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Campus Life

Health & Safety

COVID-19 Guidelines

Middlesex University Dubai continues to work closely with the UAE Ministry of Health, the Dubai Health Authority, and the UAE Ministry of Education to ensure that we are responding to new developments during the pandemic proactively and efficiently to ensure the health and safety of our community.

You can find further details about how Middlesex University Dubai is working to protect its students, staff and visitors against the spread of COVID-19 on

Health and Safety Guidelines

Middlesex University Dubai is committed to reducing risks and providing a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for all members of staff, student and other stake holders of the University. The University is committed to a process of continuous improvement in risk control and the management of health, safety, and wellbeing in all areas of work and study. In doing so, the University will comply with all applicable requirements issued by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities including the requirements of Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), the providers of the campus infrastructure.

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Campus Security

To ensure the students and staff safety, Middlesex University Dubai has 24/7 security services on campus. The Security Officers provide assistance such as alarm response, student protection, patrol and Student ID check and visitor identification checks to preserve the students' well-being and safety on campus and in its immediate vicinity.

Alarm Response

University Security Officers are trained to quickly respond to urgent calls such as fire alarms and other emergencies. All students must fully comply with instructions given by these members.

Situation Control

In response to an argument, injury or any other related occurrence, the University Security Officers are able to effectively control the situation either by themselves or with the assistance of other officers.

Student Protection

The University Security Officers' main job is to protect students. They do so by enforcing rules, eliminating hazards, and assisting the students as necessary.

Identification Checking

Students are required to abide by the random security ID check control. In case you are approached by a Security Officer, you are required to show your Student Identification Card to identify yourself. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure they are always carrying their Student ID Card. Failure to disclose name and other relevant identification details to a Security Officer or other staff member may lead to disciplinary action being initiated against students under the University Regulations.

Campus Patrol

To maintain the students’ and environment’s safety, the Security Officers patrol the campus premises regularly.

First Aid on Campus

Middlesex University Dubai will aim to provide First Aid assistance for all our students and staff members in case of emergencies.

Requesting First Aid Assistance

The most efficient way to obtain assistance is by contacting the Reception at DKP (Block 16, Ground Floor) or the Reception at DIAC (Building 10, 5th floor, Office 501) or dialling +971 (0)4 367 8100. They will put you in contact with a qualified member of staff to take immediate action.

First Aid Qualified Staff

First Aiders are staff members who hold a current First Aid certificate issued by a certified Health and Safety training organisation. A ‘First Aid at Work Certificate’ is awarded upon successful completion of a specialised training course. The office location and contact details of staff members who can offer First Aid are published on noticeboards around campus. You can obtain an updated copy of the First Aiders list from Reception.

First Aid Treatment and Records

First Aid treatment will only be provided by staff who are fully qualified First Aiders, holding a current First Aid certificate. Any treatment provided will be strictly in accordance with the training given. First Aiders will keep a record of all treatments given, under the University’s reporting procedures.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police: 999
  • Ambulance: 998/999
  • Fire: 997

Emergency Coordinator

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • TECOM Security Control Centre (fire, life, major safety/ security emergencies):
  • 777 (Use when calling from internal IP Phones within the Zone) 04-360 1777 (Use when calling from mobile phones)
  • Mediclinic Ambulatory Care Centre at +9714-3661030 , Block 10, Dubai Knowledge Park.
  • Reception at +9714-375-1212 or +9714-367-8100

First Aid Box Locations:

  • B16 RECEPTION / B16 LIBRARY / B16 3F / B17 2F / B19 RECEPTION / B4 LGS