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Employers Section

Employers benefit from a strong value proposition of hiring summer interns:

  • The benefit that our interns can bring to an organization is immeasurable and as a company it feels good knowing that your efforts are helping train young people to become successful as they enter the future workforce
  • A talented student can provide fresh perspective on the industry and workforce.
  • Since students are looking to gain some real world experience, this is why internships are considered to be a win-win situation.
  • Interns can also bring energy to a company that's been running their business the same way for a long time.
  • Hiring an intern is a great way to see if they are a good fit for the organization.
  • By providing training a company can evaluate how well the intern can not only do the job but can also see how well the individual will fit into the organization
  • Hiring an intern shows that your business is committed to training and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Our students are technologically savvy.
  • Developing a new business plan can bring new life into an organization and most companies understand that new ways to market and promote their business using various forms of social media which can benefit their company enormously.
  • Our students can complete important projects easier and faster by using spreadsheets and comparative analysis
  • Interns can make complex tasks easier and to solve problems in new and innovative ways.

Our students consistently consider the following practices as a key to positive summer internship experience:

  • Meaningful tasks to accomplish
  • Being able to apply class room learning in a professional setting
  • Working on defined projects and deliverables: presentations/ reports etc.
  • Broad exposure to organization
  • Mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals within the organization
  • Having access to networking opportunities in organization and particular industry
  • Building soft and technical skills
Having a sense that the organization valued the contributions they made (A certificate/ letter of completion and achievement)

Final Evaluation of the Summer internship program

We request all our industry partners to share a formal face to face or written feedback on our student’s performance at work and send the intern evaluation form to Careers and Employability Services at Middlesex University Dubai. The evaluation and feedback forms will be sent to employers interested in hiring summer interns.


Careers and Employabilty Service will provide the No objection letter to the student sponsored by Middlesex University Dubai. In case of Parent’s sponsorship, Parents and or sponsors will provide the NOC which will be an internship authorization for work experience.

Internship opportunity posting and interviews

  • Please click on following link to fill the vacancy announcement form 
  • Post the internship opportunities before 24th May 2017
  • Career Services will be happy to assist the employers for interview scheduling, on campus interviews and meetings

How Careers and Employability Services assist the Employers:

Careers and Employability Services at Middlesex University Dubai serve as a resource to employers seeking to start or enhance an internship programme as well as full time hiring programmes. Please contact us to begin a conversation about your needs and connect with outstanding Middlesex talent.

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