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Middlesex Insights Lab Analytics for Food Safety Hackathon

In collaboration with RUBICS Smart Solutions, DataCon Dubai 2020 and Beinex

4 June 2020



Are you interested in working on a live data set that deals with Food Safety? Would you be interested in developing predictive models that could use Machine Learning for Sustainability and Food Safety? Or would you just love to derive insights from food safety data? Whether you are a beginner or seasoned champion in analytics, all that we need is how beautifully you can derive insights from our client’s data. If this interests you and you are ready to grab some fantastic cash prizes, READ ON!

RUBICS Smart Solutions (Top 20 IoT providers worldwide), Middlesex Insights Lab, and DataCon Dubai 2020 get together to bring you real-world food safety data for deriving insights that could add business value or hint at sustainability practices.


RUBICS Smart Solutions has shared with us an incredible dataset on food safety. It includes various aspects like food temperature, fridge status, alert levels, location, and several other attributes. The objective is open-ended; the only requirement is to use Analytics, Machine Learning, or Visualizations to derive insights that could link to sustainability and add business value.

End Product: Presentations and Report on Insights (with Code or Visualizations or Worksheets)

  • Individual or Pair Registration on MDX Insights Lab website: 13 May 2020 – Registrations Open

  • Hackathon Data Set Release Event: 4 June 2020 (Closing of Registrations)

  • Insights Report Submission - 20 June 2020

  • Shortlist (Top 5) announced - 25 June 2020

    All registered participants will be invited to attend the release event titled “Machine Learning for Sustainability” that will provide inputs for the Hackathon.  All registrered participants will also be eligible to attend DataCon 2020 on 2, 3 and 4 June 2020. The release event is designed to understand the expectations from RUBICS, and clarify doubts, if any. A detailed timeline is given below:

  • Procurement of Data Set: Insights Lab will release the dataset to the selected participants after the panel discussion on 4 June 2020.

  • Insights & Modeling Preparation Time: All teams will be given sixteen days from the release day for working on the data set and build their ML models, dashboards or just data slicing insights.

  • Final Deliverable Deadline: They will submit their final Insights report on 20 June 2020.

  • Presentation – Final Teams: The shortlisted teams will be invited to present their insights and share it with RUBICS for the final selection of winners.

The submissions would be evaluated by the business relevance of the insights that could be linked to the overall theme of sustainability and business value addition for RUBICS. Insights lab faculty members and RUBICS will jointly evaluate the submissions.

The top prizes for the Hackathon are:

1st Prize: AED 1500 along with the certificate of merit.

2nd Prize: AED 1000 along with the certificate of merit.

All participants will receive a digital certificate of participation by RUBICS and Insights Lab. The shortlisted participants will also stand a chance to win a virtual internship with RUBICS to work on sustainability and food safety projects.

  1. Each team is expected to submit the model (Code or Excel Sheet) or visualization (dashboard) that they derived from the dataset.

  2. A Report (5 pages max) on the insights derived.

Any work beyond the expectation will be added advantage and will be awarded certain extra credits.

  1. Registration can be an individual, or it could be done in pairs (max two members in a team).

  2. Each team member should present their valid ID at the time of Registration.

  3. Each team should comply with the regulations specified in the data ethics forms (to be signed by the group leader).

  4. The responsibility of the materials, software, and other requirements for developing the insights during the Hackathon lies solely on the participating teams.

  5. The Hackathon is open to any participant willing to experiment and derive insights. It is open for both students and working professionals.

  6. The pair entering for Hackathon must appoint and authorize an individual (“Team Leader”) to represent, act, sign, and enter into submission on their behalf.

  7. Any amendment, addition, or change of rules can be made by the committee at any time.

  8. The judgment made by the committee would be final, and the shortlisting process is completely determined by the Insights Lab team along with RUBICS.

  9. Any tool/software can be used for modeling and visualizations.

  10. All participants must sign-up as a member of the Insights Lab

With 180 team registrations for the Food Safety Analytics hackathon, we had a tough time evaluating some fantastic quality submissions. Here is our final shortlist of 11 teams (in no particular order), and they will present their work to an expert panel. We congratulate all the teams for participating and wish the shortlisted teams all the best for their journey ahead.








Aastha Jha



Parin Parikh

Mohamed Ben Shakeel Karroo



Srinivas Kiran Babu Naidu

Thaha Hussain



Akshay Gidwani



Thomas Cyriac




Tejas Viswanathan

Mohammed Shibil



Maverick Aban Sison



Debashish Bhattacharya

Madhura Kelkar



Vibhor Agarwal




Sophia Izokun

Oluwatobiloba Amoo

Carlos Samey



Ahmad Zia

Naaz Afrin



For any concerns, please write to us at

You could also contact Dr Krishnadas Nanath for questions related to MDX Insights Lab. 

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