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IEBE engages members in different types of programmes and events in order to inspire and facilitate the progress of the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. These events primarily function as knowledge sharing and networking sessions for past and current students with a range of industry and subject-matter experts, as well as between themselves. 

Event Types

  • Workshops (such as business plan testing, SWOT, PESTEL, evaluating strategy, value proposition)
  • Roundtable sessions
  • Focused sessions (smaller group discussions with budget and finance, innovation, marketing etc)
  • Student Entrepreneurship Stories
Month Event Title / Subject Facilitator

23 February 2021

Performance Marketing

Danish Bagadia – EMEA Head of Performance Media Marketing at Google

16 February 2021

eCommerce in the United Arab Emirates: Key Considerations

Dr Anna-Luisa Lemmerz from Anders Legal Consultancy

5 November 2020 

Marketing in Healthcare

Dr Sana Sajan 
Director of American Aesthetics Clinics (Danube Group)


25 October 2020 

The Impact of the Corporate Transparency Regulations in the UAE on International Taxation

Dr Michael J. Kloep, Julian Weiland, Dr. Ghassan Azhari 

19 October 2020 

UI/UX Design for Non-Designers 

Dr Michael J. Kloep, Julian Weiland, Patricia Parnet 

12 October 2020 

Setting Up a Company in the UAE 

Dr Michael J. Kloep, Julian Weiland, Dr. Ines Anders 

5 July 2020

Leadership qualities & characteristics of good leaders
(Online Panel Discussion) 

Danish Bagadia – EMEA Head of Performance Media Marketing at Google

Shams Hasan – Senior Consultant, Sales Planning & Strategy – UK & Ireland at Dell Technologies

Eddie Tan - Regional Director MENA-IT at Facelift brand building technologies

Claudius Boller - Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) at Spotify 

28 June 2020

Recruitment trends and how to attract the best talents

Mayank Patel
Country Manager at Adecco Middle East

21 June 2020

Employment Laws and regulations in UAE

Dr. Azhari Ghassan

14 June 2020

Virtual communication: How to sound like a leader?

Mr. Florian Akinbiyi

10 June 2020

Virtual Leadership

Rajai El Khadem
Head of LinkedIn MENA
- Public Sector Talent Solutions

18 February 2020

Meet Hussein Wehbe, MD of UPS on: How to Establish a High-performance Corporate Culture for Entrepreneurs

Dr Michael, Julian Weiland, Mr. Hussein Wehbe

Jan/Feb 2020

Briefing on the CEOx1Day Competition

Events Manager - Odgers Berndtson M.E.

Feb/Mar 2020

Social Media for Entrepreneurs [PAID EVENT]

Speakers from Google, Facebook,
LinkedIn, etc.

28 March 2020

Entrepreneurship Workshop and Bootcamp – Start your own Company

Dr Michael J. Kloep & Guests

4 April 2020

‘Shark Tank’ Style Business Plan Competition

Dr Michael J. Kloep & Guests

April, 2020

Social Enterprise Showcase

Dr Michael J. Kloep & Guests

10 February 2020  Visit to the 3M Innovation Centre  Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Julian Weiland 
2 February 2020   Meet Mr. Rizwan Sajan,
Billionaire Founder and Chairman
@ Danube Group  
Dr Cedwyn, Dr Michael, Mr. Rizwan Sajan, Julian Weiland 
17 November - 30 November 2019  RTA Expert on Project Management  Judhi Prasetyo 
19 November 2019  “Engineering Growth”  Nick Vinckier Managing Director 
MENA Duval Union Consulting 
18 November 2019  Networking Session   
11 November 2019  'The Economic 
Substance Regulations 
in the UAE from an International 
Perspective for Entrepreneurs'
– with Dr Ghassan Azhari 
Dr Ghassan Azhari 
10 November 2019  'The Economic Substance 
Regulations in the UAE from 
an International Perspective 
for Entrepreneurs' –
with Dr Ghassan Azhari 
Dr Ghassan Azhari 
10 November 2019  Meet the CEO of the Year  Dilkash 
28 October 2019  Unleash Your Entrepreneurial DNA – 
with Reg Athwal 
Reg Athwal, Founder and Chairman, 
RTS Global Partners; Author of ‘Unleash 
Your Family Business DNA’ 
27 October 2019  Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs – 
with Florian Akinbiyi 
Dr Michael J. Kloep & Florian Akinbiyi 
21 October 2019  The Entrepreneurial Circles - 
Round Table Discussions about
Dr Michael J. Kloep, Julian Weiland, 
Mukhtar Jahangeer (Unipreneur) 
19 October 2019  IEBE Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for 
HR Experts 
Dr Michael J. Kloep 
13 October 2019 CSR Al Ahli: Introduction of the 
GBO Program 
Dr Michael J. Kloep & Guests 
2 April 2019  Social Enterprise Showcase  Dr. Michael J. Kloep, 
Dr. Cody Paris (Associate Professor 
and Deputy Director, 
Middlesex University Dubai), and 
special guests -Ms. Sabeena Ahmed 
(Founder, The Little Fair Trade Shop Ltd) and 
Ms. Rachel Griner (Social Entrepreneur 
& Investor) 

19 February


Finance and Tax Laws  Dr. Ghassan Azhari, Founder and Managing
Partner, Azhari Legal Consultancy Dubai 

18 February


Global Startups in the 21stCentury  Ms. Nabigha Nasser Masood, 
Founder & Managing Partner, 
3Z Partners (Dubai) 

12 February


Field Trip to 3M Innovation Centre  3M, Dubai 
31 January
Briefing on the CEOX1DAY Competition  Events Manager - Odgers Berndtson M.E. 

13 February 2017 

E-Commerce for SMEs  Mr.Steve Mayne (Managing Director, Creative Zone Dubai  
15 February 2017 The importance of knowing your WHY when you start a business Mona Tavassoli (Founder of Momsouq and Mompreneur)
19 February 2017 Are you an entrepreneur? And IEBE Inauguration Event Mr Ben Kuehn (CEO from Heroleads Ventures) & IEBE Core Team
21 February  2017 E-commerce for SMEs by Creative971
c/o Creative Zone
19 March 2017 Rags or Riches: Blueprint for a successful startup Harsh Munjal (Management Consultant, 3D Consulting) 
21 March 2017 Talk by Co-Founder of Careem on the road to its success Mudassir Sheikha (Co-Founder, Careem)
22 March 2017 Sales workshop Peter Heredia
c/o Creative Zone
25 March 2017 Entrepreneurship: Start your own company – Part 1 Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guests
26-30 March 2017 Ongoing Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Dr. Michael J. Kloep, Dr. Krishnadas & Madhav Ghokale
1 April 2017 Entrepreneurship: Start your own company – Part 2 Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guest
11 April 2017 Social Enterprise Business Ideas  Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guest

2 October 2017 

Entrepreneurs and their journey to success   Joy Ajlouny (Co-Founder and Creative Director, Fetchr), Donna Benton (Founder and Chairman) The Entertainer, Ibrahim Colak (Founder and CEO) Mr. Usta 
23 October 2017 Blue Ocean Strategy Dr. Philippe Bouvier (Founder and Managing Partner, Urban Value Creation Consulting)
1 November, 2017  eKar: On Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success  Mr. Vilhelm Hedberg (Co-Founder and CEO of eKar) 
5 November 2017  The secret power of your network  Mr. Phil Bedford (Master Franchisee, Asentiv GCC & South India)
24 & 25 
November 2017 
Digital Entrepreneurship: The Blueprint for your venture!   Dr. Michael Kloep (Faculty Strategic Managements & Head of IEBE); Mr. Ben Kühn (CEO Heroleads Ventures), Mr. Pawel Iwanow (Early Stage Investor & Entrepreneurs); Speakers from Google, Facebook & Creative Zone 
4 December 2017   The Global Theme Park Industries : Contemporary Practices   Prof. Salvador Anton Clave, Professor at the Roviral I Virgili University  
4 December 2017    VAT and how it would affect business    Creative Zone  
5 December, 2017   Female Entrepreneurs and their journey to success  Ms. Sophie Le Ray (Co-Founder & CEO, Naseba), Ms. Sallyann Della Casa (Chief Skills Hacker at GLEAC) and Ms. Natalia Hassanie (Founder of Posetivity) 

21  January 2018  


Entrepreneurship And Practical Aspects Of Managing Startups


Mr. Vishnu Deuskar, Managing Director, Salvus Advisors DMCC, Dubai 

4 February 2018  Building Business Cases with Facebook and Google & Co.   Ben Kuhn (CEO, Heroleads Ventures) 

5 February 2018  

Briefing on the CEOX1Day Competition (Note : Closing date of the application is 4th March, 2018)  

Sophie Robertson
(Events & Marketing Project Manager- Odgers Berndtson, Middle East)

12 February 2018   The Basics Of Law For  Entrepreneurs   Mr. Christian Murad, Legal and Compliance Manager, Honeywell International Inc  

27 February 2018 


Visit to the 3M Innovation Center 

Dr.  Michael Kloep

6 March 2018


Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs


Mr. Florian Akinbiyi (MC, Host, Coach, Public Speaker, Experiential Marketing Producer) 

31 March 2018  Entrepreneurship Workshop: Start your Company  Dr. Michael Kloep 

1 April 2018 till

5 April 2018  

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp  

IEBE Mentors 

3  April 2018


Social Enterprise Showcase 

Dr. Michael J. Kloep, Dr. Cody Paris (Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Middlesex University Dubai), and special guests -Ms. Sabeena Ahmed (Founder, The Little Fair Trade Shop Ltd), Ms. Assia Riccio (Founder, Evolvin’ Women), Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal (Founder, Scrap Save & Sew) 

7 April 2018


‘Shark Tank’ Style Business Plan Competition


Dr. Michael Kloep & special guests -Ms. Ghizlan Guenez (Founder, The Modist), Ms. Kim A. Page (Speaker & Trainer, Author of ‘The Right Kind Of Loud’,  Mr. Pratik Rawal, Senior Business Setup Manager, Creative Zone and Mr. Oliver Brinsley (Head of Corporate Structuring, Creative Zone) 

16 September 2018 

Transform your Potential into Success - Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?

Dr. Michael J. Kloep 

15 October 2018


Social Media Influence for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Rosemin Ratanshi, Social Media Influencer & Luxury Fashion Entrepreneur

28 October 2018  The Secret of Online Marketing   Mr. Said Shiripour,
Awarded as best German Online Marketer 
30 October 2018  Portfolio Theory and Equity Investments  Mr. Grenville Solomon 
7 November 2018  UFC Gym Founder & President of UFC Gym  UFC Gym Founder Mark Mastrov and President of UFC Gym Adam Sedlack 
11 November 2018  The Power of Branding  Mr. Farhad Kardani (Coach Kardan), Presentation Coach, Corporate Trainer, CEO of Step Up Corp. Japan 
21 November 2018  CSR in Action Competition – CSR Division (Al Ahli Holding Group)   

10 December 2018

Corporate Entrepreneurship @ Spotify

Mr. Claudius Boller, Managing Director, Spotify 

24 January 2019

Importance of Ethics in Business and Finance

Mr. Tariq Chauhan Group CEO, EFS Facilities Services Group, UAE


Briefing on the CEOx1day Competition

Events Manager - Odgers Berndtson M.E.

30 March 2019 

Entrepreneurship Workshop – Start Your Own Company

Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guests 

31 March - 4 April 2019

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

IEBE Mentors

2 April 2019

Social Enterprise Showcase

Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guests

6 April 2019

‘Shark Tank’ Style Business Plan Competition

Dr. Michael J. Kloep & Guests

25 November


Speaker from Facebook

Mr. Mansour Salameh, Head of Omin-chanel Retail Vertical, Facebook MENA

26 November


From Homeless to Entrepreneur

Mr. Flemming Rontved, General Manager, ESQL World

5:00pm - 6:30pm 

5:00pm - 6:30pm 

5:00pm - 6:30pm 

5:00pm - 6:30pm 

IEBE Partner Workshop.

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IEBE Partner Workshop.

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IEBE Partner Workshop.

(Registration Click Here

IEBE Partner Workshop.

(Registration Click Here

4:00pm - 6:00pm 

6:30pm - 7:30pm 

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