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World Radio Day

by Caroline Maria   18 March 2019

Radio day

The Student Council at Middlesex University Dubai organised an event to celebrate radio on the 13th of February which is considered as World Radio Day!!!

Radio DayThe Student Council’s first official event after being elected, and to us at this point of time it was more important than anything else.

The planning process began way ahead of time, in-fact planning started right after the coordinators meeting in mid - January when this amazing event was handed over to us. The major challenge for us was to make it interesting- which we all know isn’t an easy thing to do. We needed to do something that would involve every aspect of our university and bring students together to celebrate. After days of brainstorming we decided on two things, little did we know that these two activities would turn out to be crowd favourites.

Radio DayThe day had two major events- our first event was called, “On Air with MDX Dubai” where we had two students from year three Journalism, Nicole and Shimeon recreate a Radio Station. The purpose of this activity was not just to celebrate radio but also to excite the ongoing Super 4 Tournament and give our amazing sports teams the exposure and support that they truly deserve.

Our next event is what we called the ‘Event of the Season.’  We had four of UAE’s leading Radio Presenters who joined us to celebrate World Radio Day with all the students who also happen to be massive fans of the stations. We had Siddharth Vohra, Mariyam Kisat, and Lokesh Dharmani come in from City 1016, and we had Dona Sebastian who is also an alumnus of Middlesex University Dubai come in from HIT 96.7 FM. Euphoria surrounded the air in the Block 16 lobby when these personalities entered; their excitement, enthusiasm, and down to earth nature brought a smile on all faces present. To top it all of we had our incredible Dance Club welcome our guests by dancing to their station’s jingles. What a fantastic moment it was!!

Radio DayThe session began at 12.30pm and went on till 2 pm with students and the guests interacting in a very casual, informative, and entertaining environment. There were all smiles at all times which was a massive success for the Student Council. The one and a half hour panel discussion was insightful, funny, entertaining, and encouraging. We had four brilliant radio personalities, none of whom studied ‘Radio’ in particular, yet they were all there telling us the importance of handwork behind the glamour that we see.

Usually, the feeling of excitement dies down after a while, but that was not the case here; students were even more excited when the session was almost over because they had the chance to interact with their favourite radio hosts personally and more importantly, CLICK SELFIES!!!

Radio DayOn asking Lokesh Dharmani, one of our most loved panellists from City 1016 how he liked the event, he mentioned three things in particular, “The event was very well organised; beginning from the process of inviting us to the actual day, we also loved the welcome done so beautifully by the dance team. The students although initially shy to interact had very relevant questions, and we wish we could answer them all. Overall we had an amazing time.”

World Radio Day was not just an event but a stepping stone for the Student Council. It was our chance to show our peers that we will do our best to achieve everything we said we would in that Open Mic speech before being elected. World Radio Day was also a portal for students to networks, interact, learn, and grow in terms of their careers, education, and life in general.

"It was an emotional yet exciting feeling to be back to my university as a panelist for World Radio Day! Middlesex Dubai is only becoming more charming and amazing with years passing by

HIT 96.7 FM

|World Radio Day was brilliant; both in execution and the event by itself. The radio presenters genuinely wanted to impact the students positively. The one on one chat and photo session at the end was both beneficial and fun. If I had to complain, it’s be that we don’t get this often.”

Ayush Narayanan

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