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What to expect from International Day 2017

by Aafreen Farrukh   06 December 2017

International Day

They say there is nothing that teaches you better than experience, and there is no better way to experience than to travel. Being a student a traveling expenditure around the world may seem unreasonable but being a student at Middlesex University, you not only have the opportunity to work with a diverse student body inside the classroom and learn from one another but you also have the chance to embrace it outside the classroom.

International Day is one of the biggest annual events the University funds. I use the word “fund” instead of organises because this is an event organised for the students, by the students. It’s a day where we unite to celebrate man-made borders. It’s a day of colours, cultures, and traditions. It is a day where our fellow classmates show us their background and heritage through their eyes.

This day isn’t just about all of us dressing up in our ethnic wear, it’s about learning from each other, learning about one another’s traditions. It’s about expressing -  expressing the pride you take in your ethnicity, it’s about not being afraid of showcasing your heritage, it’s about removing stereotypes and creating new perspectives. It’s about coming together, cherishing and celebrating our differences.

International Day is for you to represent the background that has shaped you into who you are today. Let’s celebrate this day with dance, music, food, language, culture, traditions and let’s share all of it with each other. Come let’s take in the differences, and make something beautiful out of them, something worth remembering, something worth looking back on. So, bring your friends along, invite your family too, let’s go on this little voyage, to grasp the little experiences we can take in whilst we still can. 

International Day
International Day
International Day

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