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  • World Radio Day

    by Caroline Maria | 18 March 2019

    Radio day

    The Student Council at Middlesex University Dubai organised an event to celebrate radio on the 13th of February which is considered as World Radio Day!!!

    Radio DayThe Student Council’s first official event after being elected, and to us at this point of time it was more important than anything else.

    The planning process began way ahead of time, in-fact planning started right after the coordinators meeting in mid - January when this amazing event was handed over to us. The major challenge for us was to make it interesting- which we all know isn’t an easy thing to do. We needed to do something that would involve every aspect of our university and bring students together to celebrate. After days of brainstorming we decided on two things, little did we know that these two activities would turn out to be crowd favourites.

    Radio DayThe day had two major events- our first event was called, “On Air with MDX Dubai” where we had two students from year three Journalism, Nicole and Shimeon recreate a Radio Station. The purpose of this activity was not just to celebrate radio but also to excite the ongoing Super 4 Tournament and give our amazing sports teams the exposure and support that they truly deserve.

    Our next event is what we called the ‘Event of the Season.’  We had four of UAE’s leading Radio Presenters who joined us to celebrate World Radio Day with all the students who also happen to be massive fans of the stations. We had Siddharth Vohra, Mariyam Kisat, and Lokesh Dharmani come in from City 1016, and we had Dona Sebastian who is also an alumnus of Middlesex University Dubai come in from HIT 96.7 FM. Euphoria surrounded the air in the Block 16 lobby when these personalities entered; their excitement, enthusiasm, and down to earth nature brought a smile on all faces present. To top it all of we had our incredible Dance Club welcome our guests by dancing to their station’s jingles. What a fantastic moment it was!!

    Radio DayThe session began at 12.30pm and went on till 2 pm with students and the guests interacting in a very casual, informative, and entertaining environment. There were all smiles at all times which was a massive success for the Student Council. The one and a half hour panel discussion was insightful, funny, entertaining, and encouraging. We had four brilliant radio personalities, none of whom studied ‘Radio’ in particular, yet they were all there telling us the importance of handwork behind the glamour that we see.

    Usually, the feeling of excitement dies down after a while, but that was not the case here; students were even more excited when the session was almost over because they had the chance to interact with their favourite radio hosts personally and more importantly, CLICK SELFIES!!!

    Radio DayOn asking Lokesh Dharmani, one of our most loved panellists from City 1016 how he liked the event, he mentioned three things in particular, “The event was very well organised; beginning from the process of inviting us to the actual day, we also loved the welcome done so beautifully by the dance team. The students although initially shy to interact had very relevant questions, and we wish we could answer them all. Overall we had an amazing time.”

    World Radio Day was not just an event but a stepping stone for the Student Council. It was our chance to show our peers that we will do our best to achieve everything we said we would in that Open Mic speech before being elected. World Radio Day was also a portal for students to networks, interact, learn, and grow in terms of their careers, education, and life in general.

    "It was an emotional yet exciting feeling to be back to my university as a panelist for World Radio Day! Middlesex Dubai is only becoming more charming and amazing with years passing by

    HIT 96.7 FM

    |World Radio Day was brilliant; both in execution and the event by itself. The radio presenters genuinely wanted to impact the students positively. The one on one chat and photo session at the end was both beneficial and fun. If I had to complain, it’s be that we don’t get this often.”

    Ayush Narayanan

  • Show them some love, and you’ll have a friend for life

    by Caroline Maria | 20 February 2019

    Dog Shelter Trip

    No matter what the season, there are so many little animals out on the street, and as much as we hate to be out starving of both food and love, they do too. Our recent trip to The Stray Dog Center in Umm Al Quwain organised by Club Impact at our university made us realise how much happiness can be felt by just being surrounded by four-legged bundles of joy.

    It is impossible to shelter all these little friends as there isn’t any shortage of them on the streets. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help them. We can and we should. The minimum you could do for them do it. Treating them right is a reward in itself and the satisfaction felt within you is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime or more.

    The Stray Dog Center UAQ is home to more than 200 dogs almost all of who have been rescued or found on the streets either abused or abandoned. The Umm Al Quwain municipality offered founder Amira William a land to build a shelter for her little friends. Today the shelter is successfully taking care of these abandoned animals and giving them all the love and respect they deserve.

    The shelter offers people to volunteer on certain days where they can walk the dogs from a kennel and shower them with love and cuddles. Middlesex University Dubai’s Club Impact organised one such visit and made it possible for 31 students to spend time with these lovely little dogs.

    Noura Abouelrous, the coordinator of club impact says, “I felt like we got the chance to love dogs that missed out on it for most part of their lives. I was glad that I got the opportunity as coordinator of Club Impact to organize this trip along with Student Activities.”

    Enroute Umm Al Quwain was a journey full of fun, music and laughter. A couple of students assembled in university at 7.45 am yet had all smiles only because it was a trip to see dogs. A long yet exciting journey, and even funny as we got lost trying to look for the place. We made it, and everyone’s happiness was twice as much as it already was.

    Just walking into the shelter and the sound of all these little dogs barking with excitement, some crying only to be held, and others wagging their tails at the sight of human beings was a heartwarming feeling. It makes you think of how anyone could ever abandon or heart such pure creatures.

    “It was my first time walking dogs. There was one dog who came out of his kennel and jumped straight on me with his mouth wide open with excitement. The volunteer working there told me that the dog chose me and asked if it was possible for me to deny walking him. I was surprised and touched; I just wanted to adopt him right away.”

    -Fareeha Salman

    Walking them was a task of its own, some dogs liked to run, some wanted to walk backwards, some just stopped in one place, while some needed to be carried and then cuddled in the sand. However, not a single student complained. It was a moment of, ‘we want what the dog wants,’ it just brought a smile on all our faces.

    “Taking the dogs out for a walk and watching them get all excited was honestly the best feeling and I’m so glad I got to be a part of that.”

    -Fatema Rangwala

    When the time came to leave, it was a struggle, not just for us but even for the dogs. Goodbye became the hardest emotion. But there is one thing we learnt; everyone says, ‘I’m okay alone, I can survive by myself,’ but we all know we’re lying. We all do get lonely and look for a friend. The UAQ Stray Dog Center gives us the opportunity to change our reality; if not a human friend to depend on, a four-legged friend could make so much more of a difference. One of the students on the trip Leane has been a consistent volunteer at the dog shelter, She says, “I have fostered many pups from the shelter and I’m currently fostering an older dog. It was such a happy feeling to go with people my age and watch them experience the same happiness as I do everytime I go to volunteer.”

    “It was a very ‘paw’some experience giving all our love to dogs, who lacked it their entire lives. Our visit helped us understand that it isn’t about looks or pedigree but just the love they have for us.”

    -Delfina Ferrao

    Adopt a pet, or befriend one on the streets, you have no idea about the happiness it can spark in your life. Someone to yell at and cuddle, someone to play with or completely ignore, someone that becomes more than just family.

    The UAQ Stray Dog Center also allows people to help these animals through donations of cash, food, treats, toys, and even encourages adoption and foster care for these little animals. We have decided the go by and walk these dogs whenever possible, and we ask you’ll to do the same.

    In the end, all I can say is, remember, these animals don’t ask for worldly things like we do, all they want is a little love and attention, and you’ll have gotten rid of the lonely, unhappy, person within you because of the little bundle of joy in your life.

  • Graduation Ceremony 2018: A Volunteer’s Perspective

    by Caroline Maria | 26 November 2018

    Graduation Day, the most special occasion for any student, and it was our job to ensure it remained the best day of their life. No pressure!!

    It all began with one WhatsApp group called, Graduation volunteers’ 18.  From there, it went on to briefings on our roles and responsibilities and that’s where we realised what was at stake - The Happiness of our Seniors……

    Being asked to volunteer for the Graduation Ceremony is the most honourable feeling for an active student at the University. Only selected individuals get to volunteer because they are considered hardworking, responsible and capable of handling the pressure of such a large and important event.

     “I felt part of something big; I was honoured when they asked me to volunteer because everyone is well aware that it is not for everyone and my University found me responsible."

    - Sahasra Rao

    The day arrived, 17 November 2018. We knew just one thing, ‘Your time to graduate will come soon, work the way you expect your juniors to work just for you to have the best graduation.’

    Enough motivation, isn’t it? But wait, there’s one more rule, KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AT ALL TIMES.

    The hardest part of being a volunteer at Graduation was not to look confused in the most confusing situations. Also, some said their cheeks hurt by the constant smiling. But come on, we all know that smiling is infectious and when you see a bunch of well dressed, happy seniors and families, we couldn’t resist smiling. Time passed with every one of us fully invested in our roles and responsibilities. All smiles at all times, helping in every way possible.

    We move into the ceremony and manage the happy families, escort them to their seats, and try and ensure their comfort. As the ceremony began, we watched one by one as our seniors walked up on the stage with pride and honour. But you see, that’s when we had the brightest sparkle in our eyes and a joyful feeling in our hearts, where all us volunteers started clapping and cheering for each name called out as we worked.  

    “The feeling of watching your closest friends and even just your senior's graduate is so fulfilling. It’s magic in the air.”

    - Ansley Gonsalves

    Ceremony one came to an end, and then it was time for our lunch break. Energised, we moved back to work, while few could take the whole lunch break, some of our duties required us to be back immediately, but there were no complaints. There we all were, back on our feet again, ready for the second ceremony, with smiles on our faces.

    “In between our peak hours, we would attack boxes of pizza and the beautiful coffee machine. I barely sat down the entire day, but every second of running around was absolutely worth it.”

    - Abigail Spencer

    Both ceremonies ended with a little happy dance performed on stage by the volunteers to cheer the newly graduated class and fill their hearts with excitement as they walked out of those doors.

    Graduation caps flying in the air, graduates dancing with us on stage, while proud families record and photograph every moment. It was just so happy!! The love, fun, and laughter couldn’t be contained at all and nothing could have been more important than that.

    Throughout the ceremony, there was a mix of emotions in the air. While graduates and their families were extremely happy, the staff and volunteers did not letstress or exhaustion show. Instead, they were overjoyed to watch every member of Middlesex Unviersity Dubai prove that we are a family that works together to make each other smile.

    Of course, nothing is over until the volunteers finish off with a little dance party and photo session which goes on for about 30 - 45 minutes just because we’re all so extremely happy we succeeded. 

    One of the volunteers rightfully said, “Before and after the ceremony, everyone has fun. However, during the ceremony, everyone is conflicted within, while their bodies are giving up, their minds say, look how happy your seniors are.”

    But all’s well that ends well, so we’re not complaining…

    Let’s just say, working from 7 am to 8 pm, either standing or sitting the entire time, but keeping a smile on our faces. Did we have fun? We had a blast!! The tiring work, body ache, and cheeks hurting were all worth it to see a smile on the faces of our seniors.

    You see, be it early mornings, late nights, or both, no matter how long we need to stand or sit, the MDX Army of Volunteers are always ready to serve with a smile on their face. We don’t do it because we have to, we do it because we want to, and it is a part of us, and most importantly, we are the Dream Team!!

  • Jumping into a new chapter!

    by Elena Andra Stoica | 30 October 2018

    Week of welcome

    A new beginning for some individuals and a welcome back for continuing students. Week of Welcome slowly eases everyone into university life as it can get very overwhelming not just for newcomers but also for the returning students that are still stuck in that summer mode. It is time to say goodbye to summer - as much as most of us do not want to - and start preparing for the academic year.

    A new environment, different friends, and an unfamiliar schedule can all be a bit too intimidating and scary at first sight, we’ve all been there, trust me. Some of us have moved to many different schools throughout our lives, changed countries and some of us might have stayed in the same school from kindergarten until the end of high school but in the end, we are all sooner or later presented with a change or a shift. It can be stressful but that is why we have dedicated an entire WEEK OF WELCOME!

    During 23rd – 27th September across the Middlesex University Campus, five entire days were assigned to giving you a glimpse into what the place you will be studying at for the next three years or so has to offer. You could finally take your time to absorb every single aspect of your new university life at your own pace and figure out how to best manage your time throughout the week. In the end you know yourself best and what you like to be part of.

    Week of welcome - Blog
    Week of welcome - Blog

    The days would begin with the collection of class schedules and student cards – your new identity basically. When peeping at your schedule for the first time, it might look like there are a lot of classes with not enough time for anything. Trick is that there are usually two timings for the same seminars, and you get to pick which one you’d like to attend so that classes don’t get too stuffy. One of the best aspects about Week of Welcome is that returning students can guide you, sharing their experiences and giving you advice on how to juggle grades, having a social life, sports and gaining experience through internships and jobs.  

    In comparison to high school life, university classes are a lot more flexible and spread out giving you more free time than high school ever did. Loads of friendly faces would approach you and encourage you to join their club. With so many clubs on display and loads of enthusiastic students I bet you were all happy that this mini introduction lasted for five days rather than one.

    The Culinary Club enticed you to join by giving away treats such as brownies, cookies, sausage bites, flapjacks, spring rolls, cupcakes and banana pudding. However not everyone could easily get their hands on these treats, you would have to take part in their competitions like the donut challenge or cupcake decorating competition.

    Week of welcome - Blog
    Week of welcome - Blog

    Rhea Pillai, first year Psychology with Counselling Skills student said: “I really love the interaction. It’s amazing how everyone mingled with one another although no one knew each other. It was a very inclusive event, a big hats off to Middlesex University for organising various events to make this possible.”

    Block 16 was the focal point for the music and dance club members. Both clubs prepared various performances and workshops. Monster Crew, a popular all-style dance crew based in Dubai, held a workshop which got everyone moving to the beat. Naomi Rodricks, one of the Music Club coordinators reported that her club sang more than 25 songs during the entire week.

    “Week of Welcome was all about making our new students feel at home. It was an opportunity for us to showcase ourselves as a club and more importantly as a family. It was a rewarding experience for us all, in terms of performing and interacting with our new students in the best way we know how which is through music. From this, we were able to get to know our new students as well as their interests” Naomi explains.

    Club Fearless, the debate club, held their well-known “Kaleidoscope” event which revolves around the freedom of speech and expression through slam poetry, debate, monologues and songs. They are the one platform in our university where students can bring topics that are very important to them or even controversial through an artistic medium.

    “Everyone here is doing something that they enjoy, and that they are passionate about, being able to speak their mind freely. Back in school most of us would be restricted by different rules. Kaleidoscope lets you speak your mind, lets you do what you want, lets you open up to things you have not opened up to before and I really like that” exclaimed Sarah Madani, first year Journalism and Communication student.

    Middlesex University has over 22 different clubs which offer something to everyone. You do not have to be in a sports team, the dance club or sing your heart out if that is not your thing. There are also clubs for writing, art, reading, photography and even advertising if you are interested in graphic design.

    There is a place for everyone, Week of Welcome aims to help you find your place, get out of your comfort zone and get you to try exciting new activities to make friends. We hope you enjoyed this year’s five days of welcome and cannot wait for you to be part of next year’s organisation.

    Words by: Elena Andra Stoica M00650031

  • The Hesitation of Being a Fresher

    by Aafreen Farrukh | 22 January 2018

    The Hesitation of Being a Fresher

    Having spent over a year looking at courses and universities here and abroad, weighing out my options and driving myself insane over how much certainty I was looking for in my future, I was finally ready to walk through the corridors that I would call my home for the next three years. You know how they say the first impression is the last impression? That’s one of the reasons as to why we focus so much on making our “first days” memorable. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change an impression, but I suppose you know where I am going with this. When the memory of our “first” combines with an extreme emotion we tend to remember it for a longer time than anticipated.

    25th of October 2016. Walking into the lobby of Block 16, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the number of new faces my brain was trying to register. The sound of excited freshers filled the halls, freshers flooded the lobby, scrambling from one registration desk to another, trying to get their hands on their student IDs, running around looking for their classrooms, and trying to make friends or even just trying to blend in.

    For the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt very out of place until the day that I joined one of the sports teams. My first days consisted of hesitation; hesitation to ask for directions to the food court, hesitation to make friends, hesitation to sign up for a club, hesitation to become a part of a sports team – nothing but hesitation as I tried to take in everything that was happening around me.

    I am now in my second year at Middlesex University Dubai and I have been a part of the football team for over a year now. I can’t emphasise enough how joining the team has changed my life. I have met some incredible people who would go above and beyond for me as I would for them because of the bond we now share. Some students had been on the team for a while and some were new to it just like me. They’ve all been heartwarmingly welcoming since day one. It has only been over a year and we’ve all come so far. We’ve all grown so much, not just as folks that play football but as individuals, together. Training twice a week, looking after each other’s injuries, appreciating each other’s efforts, riding the bus to our games, sharing stages at our victories and discussing new strategies after our losses, we have come a long way. To me we aren’t just a team anymore, we’ve become family. With different ages, different courses, different ethnicities and only one thing in common, united by our love for sport. I found one of my many places at Middlesex University Dubai, and if you haven’t already – you can too.

    Ironically, I wasn’t going to sign up for the football club, it wasn’t my sport, I hadn’t kicked a ball in over a decade. In fact, I didn’t even walk to any of the registration desks on my first day, “Agh, too many people” I thought. So how did I find my way to the team you ask? Around noon on my first day, as I walked outside Lab 103 enjoying my bar of snickers from the vending machine after just having received my student card, the team captain and her vice decided to approach me. Little did they know, that I wasn’t indulging on my bar of snickers, I was choking on it. They asked me if I was okay as soon as they realised, and I just nodded and asked for a minute to take in some air. 
    “We’re recruiting girls for football, you want to sign up?” she said smiling.
    “I don’t play football”. 
    “It’s okay you can learn” she eagerly responded.
    “Umm.. I don’t know”.

    “Tomorrow’s our first training session, just try it out” she pushed. 
    “Ah fine...” I said.

    “Oh and we noticed, you’ve been walking by yourself, so if you need company we’re just downstairs” she insisted, pulling her blazer into place.

    My hesitation couldn’t stop me from signing up, and the team spirit didn’t allow me to keep away from training. Now I sit here, in Lab 103 typing the story of how I found my place in Middlesex because for the first time that day, I didn’t let my hesitation win. My first impression of the team was how welcoming and polite they were, that stuck with me, it got me over my hesitation, and that is the memory of my first day that I’ll always carry with me.

    Do yourself a favour, join a team, or a club, find something that you’re passionate about and keep trying until you find the right thing for yourself. Your experience at university is in your hands, the memories you want to make are in your hands, what you do with your time now, is on you. Make the most out of it, it won’t come back. Don’t let hesitation take over. 


  • What to expect from International Day 2017

    by Aafreen Farrukh | 06 December 2017

    International Day

    They say there is nothing that teaches you better than experience, and there is no better way to experience than to travel. Being a student a traveling expenditure around the world may seem unreasonable but being a student at Middlesex University, you not only have the opportunity to work with a diverse student body inside the classroom and learn from one another but you also have the chance to embrace it outside the classroom.

    International Day is one of the biggest annual events the University funds. I use the word “fund” instead of organises because this is an event organised for the students, by the students. It’s a day where we unite to celebrate man-made borders. It’s a day of colours, cultures, and traditions. It is a day where our fellow classmates show us their background and heritage through their eyes.

    This day isn’t just about all of us dressing up in our ethnic wear, it’s about learning from each other, learning about one another’s traditions. It’s about expressing -  expressing the pride you take in your ethnicity, it’s about not being afraid of showcasing your heritage, it’s about removing stereotypes and creating new perspectives. It’s about coming together, cherishing and celebrating our differences.

    International Day is for you to represent the background that has shaped you into who you are today. Let’s celebrate this day with dance, music, food, language, culture, traditions and let’s share all of it with each other. Come let’s take in the differences, and make something beautiful out of them, something worth remembering, something worth looking back on. So, bring your friends along, invite your family too, let’s go on this little voyage, to grasp the little experiences we can take in whilst we still can. 

    International Day
    International Day
    International Day
  • Marhaba Week

    by Hafees Aboobakkar | 10 October 2017

    Marhaba Week

    During the most successful Marhaba Week we’ve seen at Middlesex University Dubai, Team Middlesex and our Events Club organised a Treasure Hunt for all of our new students, attracting over 150 registrations! The Treasure Hunt’s theme this year was the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals - with the University being a proud supporter of the UAE’s efforts towards implementing steps to creating a sustainable future.

    120 students took part in two rounds of the competition, which allows students to get to know the campus and all of the important aspects of university life and the amenities that Knowledge Park has to offer.

    60 students made it through to the second round of the Treasure Hunt and after a challenging and educational race through the various blocks of Knowledge Park, the winners - Team 11 - emerged victorious!

    Congratulations to those in Team 11:

    Marhaba Week 2017

    - Almas
    - Aisha
    - Raihan
    - Hetvi
    - Zoha
    - Srishti
    - Alisha
    - Summet

    The winners were awarded free tickets to the upcoming Fresher’s Party, along with valuable prizes from our wonderful sponsors, Freedom Pizza and Herschel’s!

    Team 3, the runners up in the Treasure Hunt competition finished just a few minutes later, completing all of their tasks successfully.

    Throughout Marhaba Week we asked our students to submit selfies, pictures and boomerangs with the chance of becoming Middlesex University Dubai’s ‘Socialites of The Week’. This was supported by the brilliant brand Ardene, and carried out with the support of Shutterbugs - our University photography club who successfully hosted this years competition at their Photo Booth.

    Congratulations to our ‘Socialites of the Week’:

    Marhaba Week 2017
    Marhaba Week

    - Seema
    - Syed
    - Aliyah
    - Stephanie

    Thank you all to our new and returning students who took part in Marhaba Week, and to our fantastic Student Activities Department led by Dragana Symons and our wonderful student volunteers, sponsors and guests who made this a truly special and memorable week for all.

    We wish our students success and happiness during their time here at Middlesex University Dubai. 

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