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Are you thinking about your future career and where you see yourself over the next few years?

Studying is an important consideration for all, especially in light of the situation we have found ourselves in , over the past 18 months, so it’s important to really understand the benefits of studying and explore how gaining skills and knowledge can make you happier in the work place and support you to finally figure out the career path that’s right for you.

Here’s a few things to think about when making your next move…


Your career path

When you’re 16 years old and expected to choose what you want to do in life, it presents you with many different considerations. 

Today, you not only need to decide what you enjoy doing and have a passion for, but you also need to decide what you are good at. 

Going back to university whilst continuing working is becoming more and more possible with part-time learning. You can learn more about the area you are interested in and bring your thoughts and ideas to reality while earning at the same time!

Expanding your interests

When you choose to study a programme you are interested in, it can be a really fulfilling experience and motivate you to succeed. Whilst studying, your networks will expand both in the classroom and through your chosen University’s industry connections.  

Having the right Qualifications

Not having the right qualification could mean you miss out on your dream job. In some industries and parts of the world, to even get started you are required to have an industry- recognised qualification.  

Many university programmes include practical work placements that help to build on your experience,  providing a direct route into your chosen career. 

Flexible Study 

Studying can seem like a huge commitment and investment. You may think you will have no time to yourself – and there goes your weekend’s for the next year or two!

But Flexible learning has evolved. Now you can get qualified without even leaving the house. The last 18 months has seen more and more people choosing to study from their homes at their own pace to prepare themselves for success in the post- pandemic world!

Connect with us Today!

If you’ve read the above are thinking this could be something for you - connect with us today! 

We have a dedicated and friendly team who can talk your through your study options and explore how your work experience could provide you with entry on to a specialised Master’s programme without the need for an undergraduate qualification. Simply complete the registration from and we will connect with you to discuss your study options!



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