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Research Seminar Series

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START DATE 26 April 2017

Oasis Theatre

END DATE 26 April 2017

Analysis of 196 cases of ADHD seen in Singhania Clinic Dubai with a focus on environmental factors

Rajeshree Singhania

Singhania Clinic


The purpose of this research is to identify the incidence of environmental factors in a sample of children with ADHD in Dubai, in order to highlight the role of epigenetics in this highly genetic disorder. A sample of 196 children diagnosed with ADHD at Singhania Clinic between 1996 and 2016 was taken. A retrospective analysis was conducted based on comprehensive psychoeducational assessments and patient histories in this cohort. The incidence of perinatal problems was found to be 46.4%; family history suggestive of ADHD was 48.7%; maternal depression was 13.8%; 66.7% of cases were not studying in their first language; 71.8% of children had changed school at least once and 44% had changed schools multiple times. Additionally, the rates of allergies was 15.9% and allergy related disorders were high: asthma (17.4%); ear infections (16.4%); recurrent tonsillitis (15.4%) and Eczema (5.1%). Large percentages of the sample displayed these specific environmental factors. This may indicate that the role of epigenetics in the incidence of ADHD is important. This study highlights the importance of the environmental factors on ADHD. Specifically reducing allergies, stabilising the child’s school environment, and focusing on oral language skills may be helpful in improving ADHD outcomes. Further research into the causal relationship between these factors and the incidence of ADHD should be examined and addressed.


Dr. Singhania is an accomplished physician, specialising in neurodevelopmental disorders. She began her journey in Mumbai, and went on to open a 100-bed Paediatric hospital in Kota, as well as a school for special needs children. She has many accolades, including a Ph.D. in Neurodevelopmental medicine, as well as a M.Ed. in Autism. Dr. Singhania has had a clinic in Dubai for more than two decades, where she has worked with over 5000 children with a myriad of developmental disorders and learning difficulties.

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