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START DATE 01 March 2017
END DATE 01 March 2017

Semantic Integration and Dissemination of Medical Information

Aisha Naseer

Sahara Innovations Limited / Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited


Healthcare data and medical information need to be seamlessly accessible and available at all times to the various healthcare stakeholders. Inability to share, integrate and access critical healthcare information is a challenge for the healthcare IT. Moreover, semantic interoperability of health-related heterogeneous data sources is a challenging issue and HealthGrids are expected to address this challenge in a systematic manner. This research talk presents a novel architecture: ASIDS (Architecture for Semantic Integration of Data Sources), a potential candidate for solving the challenge of semantic interoperability of geographically distributed heterogeneous data sources. ASIDS has three main components that are loosely coupled (through interfaces) in a distributed manner. This architecture sets the basis for future research in terms of implementing a HealthGrid application in real environments.


Dr. Aisha Naseer is the Director of Sahara Innovations Limited, a UK-based independent research organisation dealing with innovation-led projects that are not only cross-sector but also involve multi-university collaborations led by expert researchers and professionals in several fields. The aim is to address real-time problems in real settings. Sahara Innovations Limited offer certified trainings through our Professional Development Programme (PDP). Aisha is also working as Principal Technical Leader in the Research Transformation and Innovation (RTI) Division of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited (FLE) UK where she is engaged in the healthcare informatics, Big Data analytics, and Security research. In 2007, she received her Ph.D. in the Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Data Resources on HealthGrids from Brunel University (UK). She taught various courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Aisha authored and co-authored several book chapters and papers in journals, international conferences; and acted as a reviewer for several conferences and books. Moreover, she chaired and organised special tracks at various ACM and IEEE conference sessions. Her research interests include: health informatics, LinkedData, semantic interoperability, data federation & integration, data analytics, social innovation, data security research, HealthGrid applications, cloud computing, simulation & modelling of healthcare systems, and wellness solutions.

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