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Research Seminar Series

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START DATE 16 November 2016

Oasis Theatre, Block 16

END DATE 16 November 2016

Dubai, City of Life: Striding Two Worlds

Evelyn Stubbs

Middlesex University Dubai


This presentation examines the techniques employed by Arab film directors in speaking back to negative stereotyping of Arabs in Hollywood film. It discusses the film City of Life (dir. Mostafa, 2009: UAE: Filmworks) within the milieu of postmodernism. The “city of life” Dubai strides across two worlds: the postmodern, fast paced world of hyperreal artefacts and the traditional world of conservative family values and religion. These domains are both evident in the film and are analysed within the framework of Baudrillard’s simulacra (2010) and Lyotard’s grand narratives (1986). Viewed from a postmodern perspective, Dubai as reflected in City of Life is therefore a city of contradictions and juxtapositions, which is symptomatic of the playful signification so evident in postmodernism. The film opens up the opportunity of viewing lifestyles of Arabs and expats in a manner that is often at odds with the more stereotypical representations offered by Hollywood.


Eve was a Journalism lecturer at the Witwatersrand Technikon and Monash University Johannesburg, South Africa from 1986-1994 and 2000-2005 respectively while at the same time running her editorial company. Her clients included ABC News where she worked as a researcher, fixer and producer; and Tequila Advertising and Hunt Lascaris TBWA where she was a copywriter. She moved to the Middle East 11 years ago where she has lectured in English as a Second Language at CHN Institute in Qatar and at Wollongong University Dubai and has been senior lecturer and Media Programme Coordinator at Middlesex University Dubai since 2008. Eve is a member of the Middle East Public Relations Association and Dubai Press Club. Eve has an MA in English from the University of South Africa, where she is currently a Doctoral candidate for the D Litt et Phil. She also has PG Cert in Higher Education (Middlesex University Dubai), a Certificate in English Language Teaching (Celta; University of Wollongong), and she has IELTS Examiner Certification (University of Wollongong).

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