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START DATE 26 October 2016

Oasis Theatre

END DATE 26 October 2016

Being Fit and Feeling Pleased: The Mediational Role of Physical Self- Efficacy in Women of the United Arab Emirates 

Magdalena Mosanya

Middlesex University Dubai




Objective: High prevalence of mood disorders among women in the United Arab Emirates might be derived from low levels of physical activity. The present study aimed to explore the underlying mechanism through which physical activity affects mood by examining the possible mediating role of physical self-efficacy. Design: A cross-sectional investigation was performed on a population opportunistically sampled among women in the UAE (= 160). Main Outcome Measures: The analysis was based on the Baron and Kenny (1986) four steps mediation model which allowed the identification of the mediation effect through a series of simple and multiple linear regression analyses. Results: The results confirmed that physical self-efficacy mediates the relationship between physical activity and mood but only partially. Conclusions: In consequence, exercise-based interventions designed to improve mood should also include physical self-efficacy enhancement, as this may constitute a complementary mechanism of mood regulation. Implications for women in the UAE are discussed in light of such results.



Magdalena Mosanya is an adjunct faculty member in the Middlesex University Dubai Psychology Department. Magdalena holds Master Degrees in Applied Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and a BA in International Relations and is also an accredited Occupational and Behavioral Therapist. Her experience includes working in clinics across the UAE and holding positions in Public Relations in the private sector. Her passion for sport and her experience as a fitness instructor has oriented her research interest towards sports psychology. Magdalena also volunteers in centres for individuals with special needs.


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