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Monday Night Speaker Series

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START DATE 21 March 2016

Oasis Theater in Block 16 Knowledge Village.

END DATE 21 March 2016

"The refugee crisis in Europe:

The case of refugee migrations from Syria"

Prof Marko Valenta

        Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Summary of Presentation

Europe has recently experienced an unprecedented increase in numbers of irregular migrants. Most of the migrants are refugees from Syria and other unstable and war-affected countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In my focus are idiosyncrasies of the recently emerged refugee migration system which includes Syria and its neighboring countries, on the one hand, and the European transit and receiving countries on the other. The dynamics of responses and strategies of the different states in Europe are discussed and explained. The review of the recent developments suggests that the responses of most countries may be seen as a zero sum game where the countries try to avoid becoming the migrant hub, while the chosen tools and the political responses are to a large extent depending on the countries’ position in the hierarchy of the migration system. 


Marko Valenta is a sociologist and works as Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is author and co-editor of 4 books and has written more than 60 journal articles, research reports and book chapters.  Valenta is involved in several research projects in Norway, Bosnia, Croatia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. His research interests are sociology of ethnicity and migrations, and migration and refugee policies. His most recent book, on Ethnic Minorities and Politics in Southeastern Europe (co-edited with Sabrina P. Ramet), will be published by Cambridge University Press in spring 2016.

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