Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What We Offer

Knowledge transfer and exchange is the process of working collaboratively with industry to marry cutting-edge university research with the business ambitions of an organisation. The Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) partners with industry to identify and pursue mutually beneficial business objects through collaborative agreements.

CIE has an experienced team of distinguished researchers and highly skilled professionals with outstanding experience in training and consulting. It helps corporations and professionals develop breakthrough strategic solutions to drive sustainable business impact. Our mission is to help organisations in the UAE as well as internationally, improve their knowledge and skills, and to enable them to achieve their goals in the business world.

Some of the activities of CIE include:
  • University Entrepreneurship Programme
  • MDXcelerator
  • Distinguished lecture series
  • Collaborative research centres with industry
  • Training workshops
  • Identifying successful management practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Access to industry databases
  • Conferences
  • Customised certificate programmes for specific industries
  • Industry round tables
  • Management development programmes
About CIE

About CIE

The Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the creation and growth of enterprises through Research, Education and Practice. It provides a welcoming community for researchers and practitioners, while embracing tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity, to develop the right environment for innovations to flourish. We provide our community with the spaces, connections, and resources they need to work, connect, create, and transform. Moreover, students from varied academic backgrounds bring together their knowledge and passion to identify social and commercial opportunities. We accelerate their success and amplify their impact through the power of coworking, community and collaboration. The Center welcomes their innovative ideas and provides direction and mentorship so that students could successfully integrate innovation into their entrepreneurial initiatives. We do this by providing the knowledge, environment and inspiration to all staff and students through training programmes, events, and workshops. We work closely with the wider business, entrepreneurial communities, and the Government to enable them to unleash their potential including the Dubai Future Foundation, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), EXPO2020, Gargash Group, OSN, Barcelo Group and several others. To find out more about our initiatives and upcoming events, you could access our 2021 - 2022 portfolio. You are welcome to come in touch with us with ideas and synergies and participate physically or remotely.
  • Professor Evangelos Moustakas

    (Head, Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship)


At Middlesex University Dubai we empower students and provide them with the tools and contacts to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.
  • To be the preferred entrepreneurship accelerator program in Dubai in terms of the quality of the program offering and the inherent opportunities that can help accelerate the business with the MDXcelerator’s network of partners

Students who participate in the MDXcelerator Programme are able to benefit from:

Access To A Unique Shared Workspace For One Year
A space to work on your idea, develop skills, interact – a ‘try, fail, try again’ type of environment. Creating something good takes time, care and patience. We provide an area to not only work on your business, but to also be inspired alongside like-minded next-generation entrepreneurs in the programme.
Access To Mentors
Leveraging on campus expertise across diverse fields such as Marketing, HR, Finance, IT and Law; you can develop a more comprehensive approach to your business to give it as much of a chance to survive it’s start-up phase.
Specific consultation advice and discounts for business licensing
Your enterprise has specific needs as unique as the products/services you offer. Apart from in-house experts, partner agencies are as invested in your successful enterprise. Your business goes through rounds of consultation and advise from ideation to set-up considerations.
Workshops designed to develop robust business model
What kind of learnings do we have in the past that have allowed for us to create better businesses? The programme will feature workshops to help develop, test and refine your business ideas. We work on the fundamentals of business modeling in order to maximise the marketability and sustainability of your idea.
Skill development activities
Great innovation and entrepreneurship ideas can be found even from simple problems. The programme will promote design thinking methods through activities to develop skills next generation entrepreneurs need to effectively operate in today’s demanding and fast-paced business environment.

5 November 2020Dr Sana Sajan, Director of American Aesthetics Clinics (Danube Group)
2 February 2020Mr. Rizwan Sajan, Billionaire Founder and Chairman @ Danube Group
21 March 2017Mudassir Sheikha, Co-Founder, Careem
2 October 2017Joy Ajlouny, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Fetchr
2 October 2017Donna Benton, Founder and Chairman, The Entertainer
2 October 2017Ibrahim Colak, Founder and CEO, Mr. Usta
1 November, 2017Mr. Vilhelm Hedberg, Co-Founder and CEO of eKar


Professor Evangelos Moustakas
Professor Evangelos Moustakas
Head, CIE
Mariam Aslam
Mariam Aslam
Deputy Head, CIE
Dr Jeongsoo Han
Dr Jeongsoo Han
CIE Management Track
Rhoderick Romano
Rhoderick Romano
CIE Entrepreneurship Track
Stephen King Ma Fhea
Stephen King Ma Fhea
Senior Lecturer