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Academic Enrichment Programme

Academic Enrichment Programme


Middlesex University Dubai offers a free Academic Enrichment Programme (AEP) to all enrolled students in order to provide additional assistance with the academic aspect of their studies. The CAS team provides a variety of support services including custom-designed sessions on essay and report writing, finding research material, oral presentations, and referencing. For most undergraduate and postgraduate students, AEP sessions are offered as part of the individual modules; these will be advertised by the respective Module Tutors as in-class sessions. There are also series of workshops on study skills offered throughout the year, which will be promoted across the University.

Drop-in sessions:

Our weekly drop-in sessions are for all enrolled students who might be experiencing difficulties with aspects of academic study. Support is offered on a one-to-one basis and no appointments are required. Students are welcome to drop by for 20 minutes, or the entire duration of the drop-in session - whatever works best for them!

Drop-in sessions offer additional support to your degree course and focus on developing study and self-help skills and coping strategies.  You and the tutor will develop a range of strategies to enable you to manage any areas of study that you find difficult. We recognise that you are an individual and have specific needs, and therefore tailor the support to suit you. The typical areas covered in the sessions are: structuring essays, time management to meet deadlines, grammar, reading techniques and spelling; exams and revision; learning styles; research and note taking.

There is a strong emphasis on ‘self-help’ so that you can be an independent learner.  We have found that as students progress through their course, they feel more able to apply the coping strategies and require less support as they become more confident in their abilities.

For more information, please contact Ms. Siobhan McNiff at

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Individual Consultations

In addition to drop-ins, students have the option to book individual consultations or groups appointments with members of the CAS Team. These sessions have been known to help students reach their academic goals through one-on-one consultations with our highly professional and helpful CAS team members. For more information on the services offered by the CAS Team, or to book an individual consultation, please contact the Head of CAS, Faiza Umar, at 

Online Resources

We offer our students a range of free on-line resources on various academic skills. Please click here to access the resources online.

The Student Learning Assistant (SLA) Scheme

The purpose of the SLA scheme is to provide additional learning support to new students, and also to give the SLAs the opportunity to further their academic careers. SLAs are senior students (2nd and 3rd year) whose role is primarily to assist lecturers and tutors in IFP and 1st year classrooms, and they work under the direction of their assigned tutor/lecturer. Often they work with small groups within the class and, alongside the lecturers, help them complete specific tasks. The SLAs have excellent academic records (consistently achieving grades 1-6) and are recommended by their Lecturers and Programme Coordinator as having a mature attitude towards independent learning. Students who are successfully selected to be SLAs undergo initial training and are closely monitored while they participate in the scheme.

Apart from the in-class assistance, the services of the SLAs are also available to enrolled students outside of their scheduled sessions. These extremely capable students can provide valuable peer-to-peer assistance as, often, they have studied and excelled in the same assignments that the current students are involved in. In order to book an SLA, please contact the Student Support Coordinator Ms. Suzannah Fernades at

Cite Them Right

Learning how to reference properly is an extremely important step towards achieving academic success in university. Here at Middlesex University Dubai, different referencing systems are used for various programmes. Law students are urged to use OSCOLA; the Psychology students refer to APA, whereas students enrolled in the rest of the Programmes use the Harvard referencing style. In order to provide you with the correct referencing guidelines, Middlesex University offers its students free access to Cite Them Right Online-a complete guide to all the various referencing systems in the University. If you are accessing the site from home, please make sure that you are logged on to Unihub; alternatively, if you are logging on through a University computer, you will be automatically directed to the website by clicking on the following link:

Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor and revision support tool that works one-on-one with the student to develop essential writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits and helps to identify and correct errors in writing. All Middlesex University Dubai students have free access to Grammarly's premium account.

For more information and to create a free account, please click on the link below:

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