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As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) auditors, you have to perform an audit of the CSR activities of DP World for the year ended 31st December 2019. You may refer to all published information available in the annual report, investor presentations, company website, and any other resources available on the internet. An outline of the tasks is given below. 

  • Classify the existing CSR report available within the annual report as basic/advanced/game changing. Justify your classification. 
  • Conduct the audit, highlight good practices, and identify gaps. 
  • Provide recommendations for improvement. 


1st prize: One-week online internship (unpaid) in CSR at DP World + Certificates. 

2nd prize: Certificates 


The competition is open exclusively to Year 2 and Year 3 students of BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance. A team comprises of two students


Perform an audit of CSR activities of DP World and present your audit findings. 


Registration closes: Sunday Nov 15th 

Submission Deadline: 23:00, Wednesday Nov 25th 

Submission: The audit report should be presented in the form of a recorded video presentation for a maximum of 5 minutes. The video should be in an MP4 file format with high audio quality. The recording should display the PowerPoint slides. Both members should speak. The team members are encouraged to turn on their camera during the recording. However, it is not mandatory, and no marks will be deducted. A dropbox link will be provided to the registered participants to submit the video recording. The winning presentation will be shared with DP World. 

Checklist for evaluating corporate responsibility report 

  • Have you watched the video (YouTube video about types of CSR reports – i.e. basic, advanced, game changing)? 
  • Is there a CSR report? 
  • Is it in the annual report? 
  • Is it signed off by a Board member? If yes, who is it? 
  • Does it use a recognized framework? If yes, which one? 
  • Does the report provide systematic data or just stories? 
  • Does it have Key Performance Indicators? Give examples.  Does the report have future goals? 
  • Does it give details of stakeholder engagement? Give examples. 
  • Is stakeholder engagement one-way or two-way? 
  • Does it give examples of failures to achieve targets as well as successes? Good news and bad news? 
  • Does the report identify the company’s greatest challenge? 
  •  Does it mention any non-compliance? 
  • Does the company have any of the following: triple bottom line, integrated reporting, true cost accounting? 
  • Does the CSR report cover: human rights, sustainable development, climate change modern slavery? 
  • Is there any third-party involvement? If so, what form does it take (verification, assurance, certification). Who is the third party? 
  • What about Gender Pay Gap? 
  • On Governance - Does, the company follows the United Arab Emirates Governance Rules? 




Faculty from Middlesex University, Dubai who are subject matter experts in CSR. If you any further queries, contact Ms. Rashita Puthiya ( 
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