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Middlesex University Dubai Hosts Dell EMC Digital Transformation Bootcamp


In an age where the internet has become a necessity, digital communication is no longer limited to just computers and handheld mobile devices. The technologies that allow us to take advantage of widespread and rapid connectivity have expanded beyond the realm of traditional computing, finding their way into household appliances, industrial equipment and public utilities, among others. The daily routine of society itself is witnessing a new revolution in the ‘Internet of Things’ or the concept of interconnecting everyday devices to allow communication and enhance their functionalities.

Middlesex University Dubai’s Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEI) Department hosted the ‘Dell EMC Digital Transformation Bootcamp’ on Thursday 8 February 2018, as part of the Department’s initiative to continuously develop professional skills and opportunities among its students in the fast-paced and dynamic field of computing through its strong academic alliances with key industry partners. The one-day event brought together the concepts, principles and practices of IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data.

The Bootcamp was headed by Eng. Hisham Arafat, who began the session in front of a crowded Oasis Theatre with a lecture on the current status of IoT, the ways by which rapidly expanding technology can be further developed, current prevailing professional IoT infrastructure and architecture, as well as best practices in the field. The practical workshop session was held in the afternoon, wherein students were first given a demonstration of how IoT technology can enable remote management of devices and laboratory equipment. The students were then assembled in groups and received instructions and training on how they can implement such systems through the use of their preferred programming languages while seeing the results in real time.

The event concluded with an award ceremony for those who had finished the IoT Bootcamp, as well as those who had participated in Dell-EMC’s courses during the past academic year – the Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) course and the Data Science and Big Data Analytics course, which were both carried out by esteemed professors of Middlesex University. Additional certificates were awarded to the six students who passed the CIS Associate-level certification exam, led by top-scorer Joseph Limeta, a 2nd Year student from the University’s BEng Computer Systems Engineering programme.

A special mention is given to Mrs Marwa Zaghaw for her continuous support to the Academic Alliance Programme between Middlesex University Dubai and Dell EMC, and for all her efforts in organising this successful Bootcamp for our students. The rich learning experience has sparked the interest of the students who attended the Bootcamp, who have since expressed their anticipation for future professional events being planned by the Department in collaboration with Dell EMC.

The event was organised by Ms Engie Bashir, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, and also the Dell EMC alliance coordinator for the University.

Thank you to all those who participated. 

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