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Building Business Cases with Facebook and Google & Co


On 4 February 2018, Middlesex University Dubai’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence (IEBE) organised a talk delivered by Mr Ben Kuehn – CEO of Heroleads Ventures Limited who shared his extensive knowledge on building businesses with faculty, students and alumni.

Heroleads Ventures Limited is a digital marketing agency serving more than 150 clients from offices in Dubai, Bangkok and Jakarta. Mr Kuehn outlined the current market and explained the distinct shift from offline to online engagement as the battle between social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp versus Google persists – presenting a host of challenges as well as opportunities.

The ‘new marketeer’ inhabits an age of pioneering, where the accelerating growth of computer power continues to push boundaries. Terms such as cost per acquisition, lifetime value, cost per click and click to sale ratio are all tools which contemporary entrepreneurs should embrace in order to survive in today’s competitive operating environment.

Dr Alun Epps who heads the MBA programme at Middlesex University Dubai, stated that ‘learning from case studies in textbooks is one thing, but bringing industry into the classroom is another, far greater experiential tool for our students and indeed one of our core strengths. What we do at Middlesex is ensure that students readily engage with business experts to facilitate their journey of turning potential into success. Having speakers of Ben Kuehn’s calibre join us at the University serves as a testament to this standard’. 

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