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ESD Awareness Session for DCEI's Computer Engineering Students


The Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics' first year Computer Systems Engineering students were treated to a brilliant experience at the ESD Awareness Session conducted by Neuro Technology Labs at their main office on April 9, 2017. The session was headed by Neuro Technology Managing Director Satish V.P. who delivered lessons on the dangers of electrostatic discharge when handling sensitive components and equipment which comprise a significant portion of the students' coursework and professional practice in the future. Mr. Satish went through the science behind electrostatic buildup and its properties before testing the students' knowledge on the subject through an interactive quiz session. The concept of mind mapping and the use of corresponding software were similarly touched upon as a way of introducing a method that could prove to be valuable in a professional collaborative setting. The students were then treated to a tour around their laboratories, showcasing the industry-standard equipment they provide to various companies in the field of engineering and aviation across the UAE, immediately followed by an introduction to their soldering school, which is a first in the country. Before concluding the field trip, the students were given the chance to experience an extreme case of static electricity generation, transfer, and discharge through the use of a Van de Graaff generator. The students found the educational trip to be quite informative while at the same time enjoyable, giving them an idea on how to prevent unintentional and hard-to-detect damage to circuitry and electronic devices by taking proper safety precautions through a series of engaging activities.

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