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Middlesex University celebrates World Food day!


Middlesex University Dubai for the first time celebrates the World Food day. Held on October 20 at the Residences, organized by students of the Charity Club in collaboration with the Baking Club. The domestic students prepared a feast of different cuisines such as Italian pasta, pizza, garlic bread, Japanese sushi, crab sticks, puto, Arabic kunafa and mouthwatering sweets and pastries like s'mores, deconstructed cheese cake, chocolate balls and red velvet cake for the international students and the Middlesex Residences staff.

Food is enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities connecting everyone together, celebrating the World Food day broke the ice between the international students, staff and the domestic students. Giving the international students an experience of Dubai; a cultural melting pot and giving them a taste of the much missed home cooked food. More than 20 dishes were served, all food items were home cooked by the students.

Mr. Djamel Abdellaoui, the Student Accommodation Manager said “It is a very thoughtful initiative of celebrating the World Food Day at the dorms taken by the Student Activities giving the international students away from home a feel of home.”

At the end of the meal students and staff rated the dishes against criteria such as taste, texture, presentation etc. The highest rated dish by the students and staff was the Italian pasta prepared by Prachi Khiara and Sakshi Bhatia, year one students. They won food vouchers of dinner for two.

Did you miss taking part in the World Food day?

PS Be ready Halloween is coming soon.

Written by Arwa Abizer, Student Activities PR intern.

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