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DCEI goes to GITEX 2016


Around 40 students of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics(DCEI) attended the 36th GITEX Technology Week on October 19, 2016. Accompanied by DCEI professors, Dr. Fehmida Hussain and Ms. Engie Bashir, the students were given a taste of cutting-edge technology across various industries. The vast amount of information available from technological giants and up-and-coming trendsetters are sure to enrich the student experience while giving them an insight into the industries they may wish to enter in the future.

The biggest and most anticipated international tech exhibition in the region returns this year with the theme "Reimagining Realities" poised on taking a second look at the conventional lifestyle and how it transforms with the latest developments in technology. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics take the spotlight, as they closely integrate life created in the digital world and our very own.

On the road towards creating truly smart cities, the Dubai Government and businesses from all around the globe came together and provided various solutions to make everyday life safer and more convenient to the masses. Innovative approaches to public utilities, energy, transportation, the environment, and peace and order are prominently featured and will soon see widespread implementation. Systems governing fleet management, resource management, crime prevention, emergency response, medicine and healthcare, and public information services are all expected to further elevate the already-stellar living conditions of Dubai. On a more personal scale, IoT platforms, corporate software, cyber security solutions, and cloud-based services were showcased as well, lending a helping hand towards individuals and businesses.

New entrepreneurs seeking to enter the tech world were given opportunities to explore markets and obtain funding through the GITEX Global Startup Movement. Hosting over 410 startups from 60 different countries with leading international investors on the ground, the event is expected to spur a revolution as key players with fresh ideas are brought into the arena.

Students shared their thoughts on the event. "I found the GITEX trip very informative and fascinating. I got to see and experience new and upcoming technology in all the different fields." said Mohammed Taha, from BEng Computer Systems Engineering. "I was able to have a glimpse of how front runners in the tech industry are transforming the very foundations of our society through emerging technologies. It was quite amazing to see the future materialize right before our very eyes." Joseph Limeta, another BEng Computer Systems Engineering student, remarked.

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