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Robotics Tech Forum Field Trip for DCEI Students


Middlesex University Dubai students from the department of Computer Engineering and Informatics accompanied by Ms Pallavi Ranjan attended the Tech forum on Robotics on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (DTEC), which is a business Centre to accommodate and support young technology companies. There were four interesting presentations on robotics. One of the four presentations was conducted by Dr Abdulla Ismail a Professor of Electrical Engineering lecturing at RIT University on the topic of ‘Technology Trends and Research in Robotics’.  It was an inspiring presentation on the development of robotics, have advanced thus far and keep anticipating the more surprising developments. The second presentation was conducted by Lubna Taji ,Managing Director at Fun Robotics who heightened the fun level with amazing little activities such as building a circuit to light a bulb , a circuit to make a sound and so on, that was suitable for all age groups. Followed by the second presentation was another presentation done by Thibault Laffitte, Manager at Seed Robotics on Culture at a Fingertip: When Robotics Grants Access to our World Heritage topic. The last presentation was conducted by the CEO of Junkbot, Mr.Ehtesham on how to be creative with the junk in your house into something more enjoyable that helps pave kids future with IT knowledge from the early stages of their life.  

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