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MDX Research Boot Camp – May – September 2015


The goal of the MDX summer ‘research boot camp’ was to provide faculty with the support needed to carry out a research study (individually or collaboratively) culminating with a completed research paper at the end of the program, and pending acceptance, presentation at our 3rd International ERPBSS conference in November. Going beyond a single staff development workshop, the boot camp provided an ongoing series of workshops meant to guide participants through the research process from start to finish. Boot camp sessions consecutively built upon each other, and mirrored the stages of the research process, from identification of a research question, through reviewing the literature, collection and analysis of data, through to write-up and publication of findings. The summer boot camp sessions were coordinated by members of the research committee, Dr. Cody Paris, Professor Ajit Karnik, Dr. Fehmida Hussain and Dr. Lynda Hyland. 

These included general sessions  as well as two tracks (Quantitative and Qualitative):


Session 1- General Session Facilitator: Dr. Cody Paris


Welcome to boot camp, introduction to research process, and formulating your research question


Session 2- General Session Facilitators: Dr. Fehmida Hussain and Dr. Lynda Hyland


Engaging with the academic literature and developing appropriate research designs


Session 3- Qualitative Session Facilitator: Dr. Lynda Hyland


Preparing for Qualitative Data Collection: Interviews, focus groups, and observational research


Session 4a- Qualitative Session Facilitator: Dr. Fehmida Hussain


Introduction to qualitative data analysis and NVIVO software


Session 4b- Qualitative Session Facilitator: Dr. Fehmida Hussain


Data analysis using NVIVO


Session 5- Quantitative Facilitator: Prof. Ajit Karnik


Preparing for Quantitative Data Collection: Questionnaire design and accessing secondary data


Session 6a- Quantitative Facilitator: Dr. Cody Paris


Quantitative Data Analysis: Introduction to SPSS, data entry, and basic statistics


Session 6b- Quantitative Session Facilitator: Prof. Ajit Karnik


Quantitative Data Analysis: Intermediate to advanced statistics


Session 6c- Quantitative Session Facilitator: Prof. Ajit Karnik


Regression Analysis and Diagnostics


Session 7- General Session Facilitator: Dr. Cody Paris

Presenting, publishing, and promoting your research


The boot camp was very well attended by faculty throughout, and attendees reported favorably on their experiences as follows:

 "I wasn't sure of what to expect from the research boot camp. Reflecting on the eight or more sessions we had, I can honestly say it was a tremendous learning curve and I'm so glad I did it. Particularly interesting and informative were the sessions on how to start your research, the different ways to reach your research goals and of course NVIVO and SPSS. What worked really well was a mixture of theory and practical skills and the lab sessions where we got to use the different software. Even more so was the fact that we were taught by colleagues who are informed, passionate about their research, and most importantly willing to teach and share!" (Mahine Rizvi Ahmad)

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the Research Boot Camp Series – not only was it important in regards to the technical content covered, it also provided the opportunity and environment (outside the teaching term) to debate and discuss various research practices. I believe the most valuable aspect of the Boot Camp was that it was structured in such a way to enable faculty (new researchers in particular) to work through the process of preparing an actual research paper from ideation stage through to submission stage (either for a conference or to a journal). Thus the Research Boot Camp facilitated an actual deliverable in terms of a research paper which was very rewarding.” (Kieran Ross)

A ceremony was held on October 28th, 2015 to distribute the participation certificates to all attendees and the best student award to Ms. Mahine Rizvi and Ms. Engie Bashir  for 100% attendance,  participation in class and for being able to convert their research work into a paper to be presented at the ERPBSS 2015. 

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