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Virginia Madsen: The Most Down To Earth Woman In Hollywood by Elie Nasr, Advertising PR and Media student


Once again Media students at Middlesex University attended the Dubai Film Festival Forum series this year. On Monday December 15th, there was a special seminar at the Dubai International Film Festival featuring an intimate conversation with Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Virginia Madsen. As a fan, you could only imagine my level of excitement as I was going to meet one of my favourite actresses.


The lady of the hour arrived right on time with a huge smile. As people started entering the forum she was seated in front with her interviewer. This was my opportunity to greet her before the actual interview commenced. I walked up to her, nervous I’ll admit, and said “Hello, Ms Madsen”. Before I could continue, she held out her hand, smiled and said, “Hello, how are you?” I was so pleasantly surprised by how much attention she paid to me. I told her what a fan I was and that I especially loved her films “Sideways” (for which she received her Oscar nod) and “Candyman” (one of the most iconic and terrifying horror films). She smiled at me, a genuine smile at that, and said that she really appreciated my kind words. The interviewer seated next to her invited me to ask Madsen a question during the question and answer segment of the interview, and I was honoured.


The interview went really well, with Ms Madsen reflecting on her personal and professional life as well as her fascinating career. She spoke with the soul of a narrator, and had a wonderful sense of humour. For instance, she laughed when her interviewer called her “super famous” and said that she would call herself that for the rest of the day.


One thing I felt while listening to her was the pain she must have gone through in her life. How she grew up in an industry where she had to please men and at times was on the verge of bankruptcy. But I could tell that she was a survivor and all those struggles only humbled her, as she spoke very modestly. Before the interview came to an end, it was time for the question and answer segment. I asked Ms Madsen what her dream role is as an actress. She took to this question with relish and told me that she would love to play a super villain. I would love to see her as a super villain and I’m sure she could play one, considering she is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses.


As the interview came to an end I requested permission to have a photo taken with her. “Of course you can,” she smiled. and her assistant kindly took a great picture of us. With that she shook my hand once more and I told her that she’s definitely “super famous” and would make a great super-villain. She laughed graciously and that was the last that I saw of Virginia Madsen, the most down to earth woman in Hollywood.

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