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The Middlesex MBA - a Parisian Learning Experience


Middlesex MBA group in Paris

The Middlesex University Dubai MBA students visited Paris for a week to study the luxury beauty and fashion industry as part of their MBA program. Professors Steffania Saviolo and Erica Corbellini authors of the bestselling book “ Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies” provided the framework for the students to  work on two  live projects. One analyzing  the retail experience of luxury beauty stores and another a strategy that a brand should follow if it were to move from a premium brand to a luxury one.

Dr. Lien Els who accompanied the students to Paris was full of praise for the MDX MBA students performance in delivering on the two projects.  She said: “we were astounded by the Louis Vuitton flagship store, Lafayette, Merci and so many smaller stores. We explored the intricacies of the beauty industry. MBA students interviewed, charmed and  tested the perfumes (and the staff), got a make-over, and admired the designer items in an attempt to uncover the secrets behind all the success stories. Back at the hotel, they looked again at their carefully designed models and presented them in an extraordinary way. Their level of participation and devotion to know, to understand, and to apply, deserves all the credit! In between they had time to enjoy the French cuisine, the history and the old world so uniquely Paris”.

Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes, Head of  Middlesex Dubai MBA Program said that “ the Middlesex MBA provides the opportunity to our students to test out their classroom learning’s in a new cultural and business environment . The projects train our students in teamwork and delver in a short span of time – a reflection of the real world. That what makes the Middlesex MBA one of the top MBAs in the region”.


MBA students had a lot to say about their Parisian experience and here is some of their feedback   :

“I would rate the learning experience of ALE4 Paris filed trip as the best value added experience of my life”.

“The faculty were very efficient and effective. I have learned a bit about the French culture. What better place to  about the luxury fashion and beauty industry than Paris.”

“The field research was one of the best aspects of the ALE4 program. Interacting with business and visiting the stores was really helpful and an eye-opener”

“ Being in Paris and studying the industry isolated from the routine back home allowed us to focus and work intensively for a week.”

“The branding strategy session for me was amazing and the speakers and facilitators were knowledgeable and made the session interesting and an enjoyable learning experience”.

“It gave the theory we learn a practical perspective. Being part of the field trip helped to see the principles of management and strategy in play”

“An international field trip is the key component of a top MBA program. Thank you MDX staff and guest faculty for putting together an awesome learning experience”

“Global exposure and working in another industry in another market is always a challenge. I loved it”

“The Professors from Italy’s top university in fashion were very good and knowledgeable about the beauty and fashion industry”

“The field trip was very interesting and informative. I am seriously thinking about working the luxury goods industry as a career. Thank you Middlesex”.

“The choice of the stores to visit was excellent and the information provided by the instructors as to what to look for was helpful in seeing the application of a lot of concepts we had learnt in the class room sessions”.

“Our MBA program is so up to date and cutting edge as reflected in the learning experience at this field trip”.

“In the case presentation of Lancôme I was able to rehearse and put into practice my skills in a new industry a market and outside my comfort zone”.

“The Cartier case on the communications aspect of a brand was just superb”.

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