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By Yara Boraie, 2nd year Journalism student

Students and faculty members of Middlesex University Dubai had the opportunity to attend the very first poetry reading to take place at the campus on 19th February.

During a 30-minute pre-recital gathering that included (free!) snacks and refreshments, people were able to chat with the Dubai-based poet and editor Giorgios Retsinas. When the event started, Retsinas spoke a little bit about his background and then recited beautiful verses from his new book, The Lost Waves or The Mercator-Mollweide Factor. The inspired audience proceeded to a stimulating post-recital discussion, wherein Retsinas shared his journey from the fast-paced life in New York, USA to the peacefulness of Sakakah, a town in Saudi Arabia, to finally settling down in Dubai. At the end of the event, the students and faculty members took pictures with the author and were given the opportunity to purchase his book, which he autographed.

The Lost Waves was written in response to the idea of seclusion whilst living and teaching in Saudi Arabia away from his family, The Lost Waves follows the form of various undefined realms using waves along with punctuation as signs of movement, speed, and duration.

It was truly a memorable evening.

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