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Middlesex University Dubai Student Jennifer Osayawe Atu wins First Place in the Social Science Category


Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, The Third United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Student Research Competition (UGSRC – 2015) was held on May 21st, 2015 at Abu Dhabi University. Over 200 teams of students participated in this competition from 23 universities across the UAE, divided into Education, Psychology, Sociology, PR and mass communications, Mathematics, Health Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering and Information technology tracks.

Team no

Student Name Project Supervisor Title of abstract


 Sonia Selopal Omkar Mr. Jaspreet Singh Research on Adaptation of Mobile applications over web Logs


Lizandra Jonas Almeida Mr. Jaspreet Singh Research on development of a student organizer mobile application


 Hajara Habibu Aliyu Mr. Santhosh Menon Developing an interactive hotel website


Ibrahim Salisu Dr. Fehmida Hussain The negative and positive impact of social media on students


Kejal JhaverZehra Nagvi Dr. Krishnadas Nanath Importance of consensus and change management in E-Commerce companies


Teneille Saayman Dr. LucyAnn Kerry To what extent does science fiction film Snowpiercer represent Marxian Social class ideologies within a totalitarian governing system?


Jennifer Osayawe Atu Dr. Cody Paris and Dr Belisa Marochi. The role of globalilzation information and risk perception on global health security: a case study of Ebola


Humna AzharKausar Mohamed Dr. Lynda Hyland Stealing and shopping disorder or compulsion stigmatizing view in a materialistic society


Saba MirzaZaakirah Younus Dr. Lynda Hyland Pick a chit. The effect of superstitious belief in luck on test performance.


Lujain Ahmed Sabry AmmarAnna Maria Beatrice ExcondeRicha Edna Noronha Dr. Lynda Hyland The association between positive beliefs about worry and defense mechanism


Soraya RaeisipourLauren Stapleton Dr. Lynda Hyland Social desirability in relation to implicit and explicit self esteem


Aditi SurendranathJoanna SequeiraSterin Mary Thomas

Zehra Ahmed

Dr. Jakob Pietsching Is luck a Moody Mistress? A MANCOVA Analysis

After a rigorous review process, 12 submissions from Middlesex University Dubai students (teams) participated in the event. Each student (or team) was required to go through a lengthy submission process that included the acceptance of an initial abstract and then a completed research paper up to 10,000 words. These consisted of 5 teams from IT, 5 from Psychology, 1 from media and 1 from Social Science programs.
All students performed extremely well and received commendations from the judges. Jennifer Osayawe Atu, won the first place in the Social science category, awarded AED 5000. She presented her graduation project titled: The role of globalilzation, information and risk perception on global health security: a case study of Ebola, mentored by Dr. Cody Paris and Dr Belisa Marochi.


Each of the student participants were nominated by a faculty member because of their outstanding research work. The full list of participants is as follows:

The student participation was managed and coordinated by the Middlesex University Dubai student research sub-committee comprising of Dr. Fehmida Hussain, Dr. Tenia Kyriazi and Dr. Lynda Hyland. On the day of the event, the students were guided and accompanied by Dr. Fehmida Hussain and Dr. Lynda Hyland. Students were provided feedback throughout the submission process and prior to the event, mock presentations were conducted by Dr. Fehmida, Dr. Lynda and Dr. Krishnadas. This is truly a testament to high quality research produced by our undergraduate students.

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