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Middlesex University Dubai MBA 2015 World Tour!


Exciting times here at Middlesex University Dubai as two of our MBA groups have just returned from their field trips to Shanghai, China and Milan, Italy. All MBA finalists take part in one of a choice of international field trips. These are a week long, “comprehensive to the extent of being exhaustive” and are just one of four Applied Learning Experiences (ALEs) that are an essential component of our unique MBA here at Middlesex.

Dr. Alun Epps accompanied the Middlesex Dubai MBA group to Shanghai where the students were exposed to a bespoke programme in luxury brand management. The course was lead by expertise from Fudan University Beijing, and involved a practically a whole MBA module’s worth of material compressed into one week. Delegates learned not only about the status of the luxury brands industry in China but also the heritage and culture of Chinese business and China itself. With a unique blend of classroom learning, guest speakers from luxury fashion retail, discussions and industry visits, teams of MBA students devised their own plans to launch a luxury brand business in China. Some of the student presentations were of a very high standard and earned great praise from the teaching team in Shanghai.

The Dubai group leader stated “The Shanghai trip was a venture into another world of business altogether. Students leaned not only from academics and consultants but also leading managers in the global luxury brand world. One field trip was to the elite Hermes flags ship store where the group was given access to VIP facilities for this leading fashion house. Another trip saw the students have an exclusive visit to leading luxury watch makers Blanc Pain. At both venues, the MBA group was shown a window into a world that “us mere mortals” rarely have access to”

The Middlesex MBA students were very positive about the Shanghai trip. This is what they said.

“The Shanghai trip was phenomenal. The instruction was fantastic and brought deep insight into the topic of the luxury market in China. Faculty were passionate about the topic. The theory was vividly displayed when we visited the luxury stores and traveled through amazing Shanghai. A once in a lifetime experience! “

“The trip to Shanghai was great. We learned a lot about Chinese market, consumer behavior and the high potential for luxury industry there.”

“This was an invaluable experience! The trip to Shanghai exposed me to China’s evolving market. The knowledge of the training staff was exceptional. All the learning outcomes came together in a real life scenario. This truly puts Middlesex’s MBA program a step above in my eyes.”

“The ALE trip to Shanghai was an enlightening experience. The aim was to understand the rising demand for Luxury goods in China and the teaching team were very knowledgeable on the subject and lectured with great enthusiasm.  The course was covered in minute detail explaining not only about the rising economy of China but also the consumer segmentation of luxury consumers in China, as well as the uniqueness of luxury goods and brands.

“The Shanghai trip really adds exponentially to the MBA experience at Middlesex and it has also helped me realize what and exciting market China is to bring business into.”

Dr. Rajesh Mohnot took a large group of our MBA students to Milan. The luxury good world is an ideal sector to study and learn lessons which could be applied to other industries.  What better place to study this industry than in the world capital of luxury fashion, Milan, Italy. As part of their Applied Learning Experience Middlesex MBA students spent a week in Milan understanding the industry dynamics and working on a live case study. The MBA teams attended workshops given by two of the most renowned academics in the luxury goods industry. Field work was assigned which was carried out in Milan’s most prominent fashion district the rectangle of gold the d’Oro via Della Spiga which covers via Manzoni, via Sant’Andrea and via Montenapoleone.  Top brand management consultants interacted with the students and spoke on the turnaround strategy of a prominent brand.

“Dr. Rajesh states that students were excited to explore the dynamics of luxury goods industry in the world’s most prominent luxury and fashion capital – Milan, Italy. Spending almost a week there, attending renowned consultants’ workshops, working on a live case study and discussing findings with experts have certainly been enduring experience for students.

The Shanghai and Milan field trips of 2015 can be described as magical blends of the ancient and modern and students unanimously voted the trips as unforgettable, extremely memorable and experiences not to be missed. Dr. Alun sums up each event as “an MBA in a week” and the very pinnacle and essence of what the Middlesex Dubai MBA is all about.


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