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Internationally Nationalist?


Middlesex University Dubai’s 6th International Day pre-celebrations were inaugurated by an informative talk on the subject of Nationalism and Constructive Patriotism by guest speaker Ms. Vida Terzic, at the Oasis Theatre on the 3th of November, 2014. In the light of the United Arab Emirates’ 43rd National Day, students attended the presentation that sparked interesting ideas and discussions among the audience. A dynamic personality,  Ms. Terzic originally comes from Belgrade, Serbia, and apart from research work, is active as a social worker using her knowledge to improve the life conditions of Roma population and their integration into local communities, conflict transformation, inter-cultural and inter-religious communication at Non Governmental Organization 484 in Serbia.

With a Research Master’s degree in Social Psychology of Intergroup relations at Utrecht University, specializing in Migrations, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism, and a background and keen interest in the field of Psychology, Ms. Terzic introduced the topic of Nationalism in a comprehensive manner, discussing its evolution especially in a multi-cultural country like the United Arab Emirates, and drawing from her personal experience as a migrant in the Netherlands and her current job at Emirates Airlines. Ms. Terzic further went on to present findings from her recent research publication, Relations between Nationalism, Constructive Patriotism and Exclusionist Reactions towards Immigrants: Differences in Relations across Individual and National Conditions, comprising of 30,000 participants across Western continents. After a description of her study and a brief analysis of the findings and relationships, Ms. Terzic also provided an insight into suggestions for future research for aspiring researchers in the audience, along with a discussion closely related to the field of Social Psychology, pertaining to in-groups, out-groups and various identity theories and their application in real life.

The session ended after an intensive Q and A session with Ms. Terzic, wherein interesting questions about the changing face of Nationalism and its connotations were posed by staff and students alike. Ms. Terzic was awarded the token of appreciation on behalf of Middlesex University, and we are grateful to her for her time and commitment. We wish her all the best in the future.

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