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Dr. Cody Morris Paris Invited to Contribute to International Symposium on “The Future of the University and University of the Future” in Ambato, Ecuador


Dr. Cody Morris Paris, Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator of MA International Relations and BA (Hons) International Politics at Middlesex University Dubai, was invited to the Technical University of Ambato (UTA), established by presidential decree in 1969 as the first public university in the Ecuadorian Andean Region, to take part in the First International Symposium: The Future of the University and The University of the Future-A Global Perspective held October 15 to 17th, 2014.

In his presentation titled, “Experiences in Transnational Education: The Case of Middlesex University Dubai”, Dr. Cody explored the mobilities of transnational education and then employed the experience and success of Middlesex University Dubai as a means of examining the future outlook for global transnational education.

The symposiums overall aim was to analyze the future of the university in these challenging times as well as the strategies adopted to design and build the university of the future. The themes of the symposium echo Arizona State University, where Dr. Cody Morris Paris received all three of his degrees, motivations behind the New American University and role of innovation as a driving force in the development of universities that meet the needs of the communities in which they are embedded.  Dr. Mary Jane Parmentier, ASU liaison for the symposium and Director of ASU’s Global Technology and Development Program highlighted that, “this was an international conference on the design of higher education, specifically the place of science, technology and innovation, and the role of public policy, in designing universities and programs to meet the needs of society – particularly the society in which each institution is embedded. They wanted people from different countries to bring their perspective on the role of the university and best practices for university design.”  Three years ago, Dr. Parmentier led an ASU study abroad program to Dubai, which included a visit to Middlesex University and other institutions throughout Dubai.

Twenty international academic leaders from universities, international organizations, research centers and government from different cultures, countries, and continents including Taiwan, Turkey, USA, Spain and the UAE were invited to speak. The invited audience included 10 Presidents/Rectors of Latin American Universities, 50 Presidents/Rectors from Ecuadorian Universities, 100 decision makers from Ecuadorian higher education institutions, and 300 UTA faculty and researchers.  Seven main objectives were set for the symposium:

  1. To identify key elements that help societies to design good public policy of higher education
  2. To share experiences on the management of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary research and innovation programmes and projects.
  3. To establish strategies for promoting the internationalization of universities and scholar mobility among higher education institutions
  4. To analyze informationalization and virtualization of the classroom in higher education
  5. To share good practices on University-Community Engagement through programmes of community support.
  6. To analyze evaluation and accreditation models in higher education
  7. To compare communication strategies for higher education institutions

Dr. Cody Morris Paris giving his talk at the Technical University of Ambato, Ecuador.

Front row from left: Cody Paris, Middlesex University Dubai; Mary Jane Parmentier, assistant director, Global Technology and Development Program, ASU; Fernando Naranjo, prefect of Tungurahua Province; Galo Naranjo, rector, Technical University of Amabo; Yuan-Kuang Guu, president, National Ping Tung University, Taiwan; Jorge Leon, administrative vice rector of UTA.

Back row from left: Franklin Medina, academic vice rector, UTA; Paloma Domingo, director, Scientific Park, Carlos III University, Madrid; Hasan Simsek, dean faculty of education, Istambul Kultur University; Gary Grossman, program director, Global Technology and Development Program, ASU; Mrs. Simsek; Prasad Boradkar, co-director Biomimicry Center, ASU; Victor Hugo Molina, UTA coordinator.

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