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Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (DCEI) Training week


In preparation for the launch of the Computer Engineering programs in the new academic year and the unveiling of the Physical Computing and Engineering laboratory, all the full time staff of DCEI attended three day training in September 2015.


Two of these sessions were related to the Electronic equipment such as soldering stations, Oscilloscopes, Millimeter, in addition to National Instruments Elvis boards along with NI software whereas the third session was about  Electro-Static Discharge  (ESD) awareness and hazards.


The soldering equipment training was conducted by Mr. Mushtafa from Wida technologies, who discussed soldering techniques using the Weller soldering stations. The importance of weld quality in the life of electronic equipment was stressed as well as the use of various equipment including the soldering tips, microscopes and magnifying glasses. The ideal weld temperatures for soldering and the different types of IC welding was also shown.


The session conducted by Mr. Ahmed from National Instruments  consisted of training on the LabView, MultiSim and ElLVIS electronic equipment testing boards. The Labview and Multisim familiarisation training was provided where all the elements of the software were described and a simple electronic circuit using virtual components including resistors, capacitors and OpAmps was created. The circuit was tested with various inputs and the resulting outputs were displayed. The ELVIS board demonstration consisted of details on the ELVIS base station and the ELVIS breadboard for the base station. Various inputs and outputs of the base station and connection to the computer was shown. The mounting of the breadboard on the base station, ESD testing, and starting up of the board were shown. Various individual inputs and output options and creating of a simple circuit using actual resistors and capacitors was tried out.

The training was an informative session which has helped the faculty and staff to become familiar with the safe usage of the equipment and the variety of activities that are possible with them.


A very informative training session was delivered by a certified ESD trainer and Neuro Technologies Managing Director, Mr. Satish, which was an eye opener for the faculty. The awareness  programme included class on the risks of ESD for equipment, the various classes of damage and the ESD standards. The use of protective equipment including clothing, arm grounding and testing for individual grounding were demonstrated. The ESD grounding of the lab floor and work surface was tested as well.  So,  if you have ever been ‘zapped’ while touching a door handle, you would know how it feels to be shocked by Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), an occurrence which every object builds up naturally due to friction forces. These discharges when felt by humans can hurt so it is no wonder that for sensitive electronic equipment, it would be disastrous.


The new ESD compliant lab at MDX is a facility equipped by the best in the industry, NeuroTech Solutions, to provide a safe working environment where every electronic equipment is protected from damage due to ESD. The training also offered faculty awareness on ESD damage and how to contain the risk using the protective measures available.


The above sessions were attended by Dr. Fehmida Hussain, Dr. Krishnadas Nanath, Mr. Santhosh Menon, Mr. Jaspreet Sethi, Ms. Pallavi Ranjan, Ms. Engie Bashir and Zuhaib Siddiqui, Melany Sindayen and  Shahbaz Khan.


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