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Fifth Annual Student Research Symposium

Middlesex University Dubai
Fifth Annual Student Research Symposium

November 13, 2016
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Block 4, Knowledge Park

Call for Submissions:
One of the research objectives of Middlesex University Dubai is to establish a strategy that strongly encourages multidisciplinary research in various subject areas by promoting and maintaining a strong research culture. In order to involve and encourage students in these research activities, the university holds an annual student research symposium.
The purpose of this initiative is to promote student research at Middlesex University Dubai by providing an opportunity for students to present their research carried out as part of their coursework, seek guidance in the presentation of their findings and possibly seek faculty assistance, affiliation or co-authorship to publish work locally and internationally.
By participating in the Student Research Symposium students will have an opportunity to obtain a professional experience that will look good on a CV, and they will be able to share their hard work with their friends and family!
The Student Research Symposium is open to students from all disciplines and degree programmes, undergraduate and post-graduate. Programme leaders, faculty, and supervisors nominate top students based upon their final dissertation or project coursework to present at the conference.
All nominated students must submit a 500 Word Abstract to Dr. Lynda Hyland (
by 5 October, 2016.
More details about the Extended Abstract and the presentation style are offered below.

Extended Abstracts:
Should be around 500 words and provide a summary of the following (as applicable):
1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Findings
4. Conclusions
5. References

Submission Guidelines:
All submissions should follow the following formatting:
1. Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt Font
2. Title 14 pt Bold
3. 1 inch margins
4. UK English
5. Must include Title, Name, Contact information, University Programme, Supervisor name, centered below title.
6. Must be thoroughly proofread, written to a professional standard, and properly referenced.

Presentation Style:
Students whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to present their research at the symposium. As this is an interdisciplinary event, students will have the opportunity to present their work as either a visual (poster) style presentation or project demonstration.

Visual Poster Presentation:

All posters will be presented at the same time during an open session. Students will summarize and illustrate their research visually on a poster.

Project Demonstration:
In some disciplines, project demonstrations will be more applicable (for example the demonstration of software). Project demonstrations will be presented alongside the poster presentations. Students are welcome to combine the two formats.

Awards will be given to students selected by a special committee of faculty based upon both their submitted written work and their presentation.

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