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Student Research Ethics


Student research is a cornerstone of our academic programmes at Middlesex University Dubai. Ethical engagement in research is essential at all stages of the process, from study design and methodology, through to data collection, and the write-up of findings. This focus on ethics in research safeguards the rights and well-being of potential participants from whom data are collected. It further ensures that any potential benefits to be gained do not outweigh any risks to either the researchers themselves, or their study participants.


Lecturers and supervisors provide structured support for students who conduct research as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation, their individual or group coursework. Students intending to collect data as part of a research study must apply in writing for ethical approval beforehand. This involves the completion of an ethics approval form, wherein they are asked to provide the details (e.g., background, purpose, and methodology) of their proposed research projects. The submitted ethics form is then assessed, and students are provided with feedback on the ethics of their proposed study.  When needed, lecturers and supervisors may consult with the Middlesex University Dubai Research Committee during the ethics approval process.

If you have any queries related to the student research ethics policy, please contact Dr. Fehmida Hussain (

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