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Success stories

Success stories
Middlesex students are determined and try hard to achieve their goals. Our Careers and Employability services department ensures they support our students to the best of their abilities.

Hear from our students below!

Name: Marina Yazdanparast     marina

Programme: BA (hons) Accounting & Finance

Company: APCO Worldwide

Job title: Finance Intern

 Q1. What were your career goals when you were an undergraduate student?

Being an accounting and finance student, my aim was to work and be part of a company which would allow me to practice a wide range of accounting and finance techniques in a real corporate world, and help me to identify the area I need to specialize in.

Q2. What kind of information were you seeking from Careers & Employability Services?

Stepping my foot for the first time in a corporate world,  I needed to know what kind of work environment will not only help me to grow from a career perspective but an environment which I would be comfortable in as a fresh graduate.

Q3. How has Careers & Employability Services helped you?

Being a fresh graduate, it is important to be part of a corporate which will not only direct us to achieve our goals but also to enables us to boost our career by being associated by top leading Management Company. Career & Employability services added value to my profile which further granted me an access to wide range of company portfolios which allowed me to choose the best for me. 


Name: Engride Goldina D’souza

Programme: BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance                                    engride

Company: Al Abbar Enterprises

Job title: Account Executive Intern

Q1. What were your career goals when you were an undergraduate student?

My career goals were to gain as much experience I could through internships and traineeships during my summers and to learn something new and evolve myself every time I stepped out.

Q2. What kind of information were you seeking from Careers & Employability Services?

It was with regard to my career planning and decision-making, structuring and forming my CV and helping me get relevant work experience. Workshops were something I was looking forward too as well, which I did attend and proved to be very beneficial.

Q3. How has Careers & Employability Services helped you?

The Career and Employability services has provided us various opportunities to meet employers, the main one being the Career’s day that is held every year in the University premises. I had received a placement through the career services in Al Abbar enterprises as an Account Executive Intern. The career and employability services has also guided me in developing my CV thereby helping me to get into various internship opportunities in Dubai.


Name: Hilu Jaleel                                                                                                                        

Programme: BA Hons Accounting & Finance                          hilu

Company:  Al Abbar Enterprises 

Job title: Accounts Executive 

Q1. What are your career goals?  

I wish to work with an organization with prodigious standards, helping me grow with the organization to realize new heights and in the process setting industry benchmarks for others to emulate and to obtain firsthand experience in Accounting & Finance field. 

Q2. Why do you think you got selected for the role?  

Maybe I was the right person who was suitable for that position. One of the point that the employer pointed out as the reason for hiring me was that I had the right combination of skills and experience needed for required position. 

Q3. How has Careers & Employability Services helped you?  

Careers and Employability Services was of great help in finding me this Internship and you always keep the students updated about new internship especially Summer Internships. Many opportunities are available at any given time, choosing the right one for the students to excel in. 



Name: Suruchi Dhanrajani

Programme: LLB Honours           

Company: Visa Inc.

Job title: Legal Intern

Q1. What are your career goals as an undergraduate student?

As an undergraduate student, my career goal is to pursue higher qualification in law and additionally degree in finance to become a corporate lawyer. With my qualification and work experience, I want to grow to the highest designation where I can prove my capabilities.

Q2. Why do you think you got selected for the role?

Research of the company profile and its vision is very important. If you know the product of the company then only you can understand what would be the documentation and legal requirements. Additionally, interpersonal skills and confidence help you get through the interview. I’m glad that Azadea, Visa & Doodle worldwide gave me the opportunity to work with them as a Legal Intern.

Q3. How have the Careers & Employability Services team supported you?

Careers & Employability services supported me in building the foundation of my career. They provided guidance and services like CV building, internship opportunities, career fairs, etc. which are very helpful to all the students.

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