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Computer Labs & Dedicated Labs

Computer Labs and Dedicated Labs

There are currently 214 computers for students to use within the Dubai Campus. The I.T. Labs on the first floor of Block 16 host 182 of these. General-purpose computer labs are found in the following location:

Block 16, First Floor : Computer Lab 103

  • Computer Lab 109
  • Computer Lab 110
  • Computer Lab 111

All of them have internet access, printing facilities, and host a wide range of both generic and course specific software.

Aside from computer labs, there are dedicated labs for specific programmes. Mentioned below are their locations:

Block 16, First Floor:           MDX Studios

Block 16, First Floor:           Oracle Academy Lab

Block 16, First Floor:           CISCO Lab

Block 16, First Floor:           Physical Computing & Engineering Lab

Block 19, First Floor:           Psychology Lab

The remaining 32 computers are in the Library. Unlike the computer labs that have scheduled classes, students can just walk in and work on a free computer in the library, during operating hours.

The Labs are open 7 days a week from 8:00am until 10:00pm. It is kept open longer at the end of the semester provided requests are made. Students may use the lab to do university work whenever the labs are not used for scheduled classes. Schedules are posted on the door of each labs and rooms.

Please ensure that computer access is not abused. We also encourage students to report any unauthorised visitors to security immediately and to report any computer related issues or any misuse of I.T. equipment on-campus. This will help us keep all the systems working properly and thus ensure better service for all our students.

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