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Student Medical Insurance

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Middlesex University Dubai offers medical insurance coverage on a paid-basis to new and returning students. The medical insurance we provide offers extensive coverage across hospitals and clinics in the UAE**.

**For Outside UAE within Geographical Scope of Territory (South East Asia and Indian Sub-continent ) reimbursement may be available but limited to the figures mentioned in the policy that you receive along with the network list via email while collecting your insurance card. 

Students under the University sponsorship are required to obtain and maintain health insurance as required by DMTZA (Dubai Media and Technology Free Zone Area).

If you are to be sponsored by Middlesex University, the costs of your medical insurance will be included in the Student Visa Package fees and you may approach the Visa office ( S-11, Second floor, Block 17) for any services. If you are sponsored by your family or employer and wish to avail of our medical insurance services, please visit the Finance Office (Room 001, Block 16) for assistance.

For collection of your medical insurance, you can do so at the Student Office ( Room 001, Block 16 ) once you have received the email confirmation.

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