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Social Activities


Are you interested in getting involved in the student life at Middlesex University? Do you wish to join one of the active student clubs or start your own art, social, sport, music, charitable activity group? Would you like to volunteer or participate in the university’s upcoming events?

Contact the Student Activities Manager, Ms Dragana Symons, 04-433 1775, or email


Marhaba Week

We aim to welcome our students with an exciting week, giving them opportunities to interact with each other and build bonds that could last a life time!

This year, we started off the week with some games like can knock down and human ring toss. Followed by, Giant Jenga was a hit among the students, separating the butter fingers from the steady hands while spin the wheel attracted everyone who dared to perform the random tasks given to them in exchange for a variety of prizes. Later, senior students put up a show exhibiting a range of talents to welcome the freshers’.
Later in the week, all students piled onto buses and were taken to a beach where everyone participated in a fun water balloon fight followed by sack race and tug of war. After the sunny morning, they witnessed a flash mob by seniors and graduated MDX students in the Lobby of Block 16. A DJ party was the cherry on top of the eventful day.
The last day of Marhaba week was traditionally saved for the exciting treasure hunt and a movie screening to end the fun week with some more laughs and shared popcorn.


Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and Movember
“Hope Starts with Us”

Every year, Middlesex University show support for both, breast cancer awareness and Movember by hosting a two-day event in which money is raised to support the cause. Students engage in many activities such as; bake sale, sale of merchandises, nail art stalls and photobooth to collect funds and donate in support of the cause.


Festive Charity Bazaar

A bazaar held during the Festive season of Christmas and New Years’, organised by the students, for the students to raise funds for a selected charity organisation.


Events for Blood Donation

Middlesex University Dubai organises two successful blood donation events on campus for the Al Wasl Children’s Hospital in Dubai. The goal is to continue assisting the Al Wasl Hospital in this drive and host two more campaigns each year. Blood Donors Cards from Dubai Health Authorities are issued to all student donors.


EEG Clean Up UAE trip.

International Foundation Programme Students help clean up Al Ain

30 IFP students along with IFP Programme Coordinator, Dr. Mick King, recently participated in a nationwide Clean Up UAE campaign organized annually by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) at various locations  across all Emirates over a one-week period. 

The campaign aims not only to clean up natural areas where people tend to litter but also to raise awareness of just how much litter is thrown in these areas. In total around 200 people of all ages participated in the Al Ain Clean Up with each person contributing up to three large sacks of rubbish to the ever-increasing pile that was swiftly taken away by the municipality for recycling. This is one of many associations over past 5 years of the EEG and Middlesex University Dubai and we are proud to continue our partnership with them. For the students, the trip enabled them to conduct community service, which is part of the IFP programme, and was a great opportunity for them to interact with each other in a non-University setting. In keeping with the environmental flavour of the day, the trip culminated in a visit to Al Ain Zoo to experience the delights of the animal kingdom in a beautiful mountain-surrounded setting.


International Day

During the Autumn term, Middlesex University Dubai hosts an International Day. It is a day full of events, with stalls representing each participating country, offering food, souvenirs, leaflets and information on each country – by MDX students to MDX students and staff! Be proud and educate your fellow students and staff members about the intricacies of your cultures and traditions! To get involved, please contact Ms. Lulu Baddar, 04-3616247,


Health Day

Students Activities with Student Council organise this important, fun-filled and informative day on Campus. Doctors, nutritionists, skincare professionals are invited each year to educate us more on the hazards of smoking, bad food choices and their consequences. A number of prestigious healthy food manufacturers sponsor this day each year, so students sample healthy, low calories, vitamin enriched foods throughout the day as well as the personal hygiene and quality skincare products for young adults.


Youth Festival (‘YF’)

Celebrating the Spirit of Youth! Every year, after a packed calendar of events and tournaments, the University (proudly) organises the largest student event – the Youth Festival. There is a week-long schedule of competitions in more than 20 categories, from singing, art and writing, cricket, football, athletics and fashion show leading up to a grand finale and a glittering awards ceremony!
This event is an excellent platform for students to showcase their talents. Under the guidance of Student Activities Office and other staff members, this event is entirely organised, coordinated and managed by students. Judges and referees in the competitions are leading professionals, prominent members of Dubai’s social and professional circles, magazine editors and so on.

We welcome students to propose competition categories as well. If this looks like “too much lime-light” for some of you, please join the army of much needed volunteers – the true heroes of this event. We can assure you that you will learning and practice a range of skills from leadership to teamwork and make more friends than you can ever imagine!

For more information on YF, please Dragana Symons, 04-433 1775, email:


Super 4

Top 4 performing universities compete between top 4 categories over a period of 4 days!

In the first Super 4 tournament, Middlesex University Dubai won:

Basketball (Girls)

Basketball (Boys)


Football (Girls) – 2nd place

Football (Boys) – 2nd place


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