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Exam Periods


APRIL/MAY exam period: 24 April - 16 May 2017 (incl.)

This is the main exam period for all students that commenced their studies in September or are continuing and/or having to complete outstanding re-assessment.

JULY exam period: 17 - 21 July 2017 (incl.)

This is the main exam period for students who commenced their studies in January 2017 (next re-assessment exam period is August 2017).

This is also the re-assessment period for students who belong to the following schools:

-           Health & Education*

-           Science & Technology

You must ensure that you attend the July exam period for your re-sit exam.

*The next re-assessment opportunity is May 2018

AUGUST exam period: 21 - 30 August 2017 (incl.)

This is the re-assessment exam period for students who commenced their studies in January 2017.

Re-assessment exam period for:

  • Art & Design
  • Media & Performing Arts
  • Business School
  • Law
  • Science & Technology specific modules only* (see table below for specific modules to be examined in August all other ST modules to be examined in July)
  • Students who commenced their studies in January 2017

*ST modules with re-sit in August 2017


Please find the below instructions before you sit for an exam:

Headphones in exams

The use of headphones or any electronic devices in exams is prohibited. Please note that, before sitting an exam, you may be asked to remove any headwear which conceals your ears to enable checking. This is done to ensure that no concealed headphones or other electronic devices will be used during an exam. Female students wearing any form of religious or cultural headwear which conceals your ears may ask that a female invigilator carry out the check in a separate room. You will be asked to momentarily remove your headwear to reveal your ears and face for the purposes of checking for headphones and for identity checking. Where a male student is asked to show that he has no concealed electronic equipment may request that this check is carried out by a male invigilator.

Watches in exams

Students found in possession of a smart watch will be required to place this in their bags or underneath the desk. The use of any smart watch is prohibited in any exam. All watches (not smart watches) will have to be placed on the exam desk to enable the invigilator to be able to check the watch. There is a clock displayed in all exam venues.

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