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Workshops for NUB Students: CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNA Routing and Switching
Workshop dates:  

Sunday 30 July – Thursday 24 August  (Arrival Friday 28 July – Departure Friday 25 August)

Course Overview

CCNA Routing and Switching is a certification program for entry level network engineers that helps maximize your investment in foundational networking knowledge and increase the value of your employer’s network. CCNA Routing and Switching is for Network Specialists, Network Administrators, and Network Support Engineers with 1-3 years of experience. The CCNA Routing and
Switching validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched.

The curriculum includes Cisco switches, routers, basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance based skills. The curriculum also
covers the use of the following protocols: IP, Serial Line Interface Protocol, Frame Relay, VLANs, OSPF, Ethernet and Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Products & Technologies Covered

Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco IOS, IOS Licensing, IPv6, VLANs, ACLs, Etherchannel WLAN, LAN and WAN.

Course Coverage

CCNA R&S contains 4 recommended courses of which 2 are being offered in this course.
• Introduction to Networks
• Routing and Switching Essentials
(The 2 other courses are for advanced networking concepts for WAN

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Language Skills: Students are expected to have working knowledge of the English language for university level.
Technical Skills: There are no pre-requisites. To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a participant must have a basic understanding of computer systems.
Certification from Cisco. After the training, the student needs to separately appear for and
pass the certification exam from Cisco.

What is included?

• Workshop delivery on site at Middlesex University in Dubai
• Accommodation provided at the University Residences
• Transport to and from the University Campus
• Additional Skills and Careers Workshops available

Limited capacity (only for 20 students)

Course Duration

The course consists of 2 modules which will be covered through instructor led training – 5 hours per day. The lecture will be instructor-led while the lab involves independent activity with real

Cisco Routers and Switches as well as virtual devices using Cisco Packet Tracer software.

A day’s session will be held as follows:

1 hr Lecture 1 hr Lecture
1 hr Lab 15 mins Break
15 mins Break 2 hr Lab

There will be 9 sessions for each module, covered over 9 days. A comprehensive test will be held on the 10th day, covering all the material covered over the module.

Total hours in lectures:
2 hours per day, 10 hours per week (total for four weeks = 40)

Total hours in labs:
3 hours per day, 15 hours per week (total for four weeks = 60)

The successful candidates get the course completion certificate from the NetAcademy and are also eligible for discount vouchers for the Cisco Certified Exams. Each candidate will get a Course
participation certificate from CIE/MDX.

Instructor Details

This course will be taught by Mr. Santhosh Menon & Mr. Jaspreet Singh Sethi.

Skills and Career Workshops
Name of the Workshop Duration Date  Time  Level Certification
Four Skills and Development Workshops

Choose any 4 workshops from

2 & 3 students
CIE/MDX participation Certificates
  • CV and Cover Letter
6 August 2017
9:00am to 12:30pm    
  • Successful Job Interview
9 August 2017
9:00am to 12:30pm    
  • Job Search Strategy
13 August 2017
9:00am to 12:30pm
  • Maximizing Your Presentation
  Wednesday 23 August 2017 9:00am to 12:30pm    
Industry Expert Guest Lectures Talk/Workshop by Industry Experts     Year
2 & 3 students
Field Trip Half Day visit to a relevant industry     Year
2 & 3 students

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